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  • Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 15:08:08 +0100

Thanks to Peter and all who may have answered this.

As I said in another post:  I found all I needed, thanks!

Now I have even more than I need for future reference!


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> Hi carol. FTP Explorer is a terrific ftp client and is frendly to screen
> readers. I think there is an ftp client on windows XP, but its not good at
> all. There's also ftp voyageur which some people like, and one called cute
> FTP. Not only do you need an ftp client, you also need a domain to upload
> to, such as what you might purchase from a  web hosting company. There's
> free web hosting companies such as Tripod dot com, but you're limited
> as to what you can upload. For instance, I don't think they let you upload
> mp3 files. You can buy your own domain for about 15 pounds UK, then buy
> webspace on a server for as little as 4 pounds per month UK. Then you can
> upload files, websites, etc. There's also the use of a second computer in
> your home which you can run as a  server and you can allow others to
> this. This is by far the best, but the learning curve is steep.
> Peter

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