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I access my pc using the best screenreader Window-eyes.
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  Not a very good site.  I got through to the registration page where you have 
to press a next button.  There are then plenty of form fields, but if you go 
into forms mode each edit field does not speak its label, so you would have to 
keep going in and out of forms mode to find out where you are and what to type 
in.  I hate sites like this.  By the way, how are you accessing your PC?  I am 
using JAWS 6.





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  I have been trying to register with 18185.co.uk, but for the life of me, I 
cannot find the edit fields in which to enter telephone numbers or finance 
details.  The fields that are mandatory aremarked with stars but these 2 do not 
even show as edit fields.

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