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Now I've understand the scoring in case of withdrawal a boat before finishing.
Thanks a lot J-L.

Cheers, Rick

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> our UNT SI:
> Umpiring: We apply the ISAF rules including the appendix D.  UN team  
> uses preferally the manual umpire system. Cancellations are allowed.  
> In case a team constests a result, the result is adjourned until the  
> discussions based on the replay lead to an agreement. In case of  
> withdrawal or of disconnection, the rule 3Da) applies unless all(*)  
> the competitors agree to restart the race".
> (*) "All" has to be interpreted by "those who answer in the minute"
> the ISAF rule D3a):
> Each boat finishing a race, whether or not rule 28.1 has been
> complied with, shall be scored points equal to her finishing
> place. All other boats shall be scored points equal to the num-
> ber of boats entitled to race.
> *****
> So if 2 blues leave in a 8 boats race, they are scored 8 each ! That  
> is killing their team.
> ***
> cu tomorrow in great shape !
> Jluc

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