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  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 15:53:18 +0200

Hello John and all !

also i suggest red members only in red team for the micro and maybe have races with 4,5 or 6 in a team ?

I think we have to clarify some details.

There are 3 groups of skippers joining the TR we serve:
- the united nACCions team whose members until now are alb, aimo, colibri, keeper and jiel. - the registered members of the acc_tr_vsk mail list, whose members are those of the UNT plus 5 or 6 skippers as our friend rein.
- the all others ...

Over the fun, the basic ideas were:
- to favor the ACC TR in the vsk community
- to set up a team which could be brilliant in ITBYC events and in the "micros".

Now, i suggest indeed that the UNT members do not compete each others in the "micros". As we are more than the standart racing format which is 2 or 3 skippers per team, we have to rotate. It is what we did usually.

The UNT is open, all are wellcome under the condition to subscribe the ITBYC club and to join the UNT there. I think John has allready send a message to explain the steps to follow(*). If, we become 6 members or even more, that is not a prob because we then can organize parallel "micros" (3 of us can host). In the ITBYC challenges we shall have to decide who is competing and to rotate as well. We also may organize intra-team "micros"... To set up UNT_A, UNT_B might be an option too...

All that above is just my point of view and requests your agreement. I put it on the web site: http://sites.google.com/site/vskaddicted/ and shall do the amendments we shall decide alltogether.

(*): John, could you please remind me these steps so i put them in our web site. Also, the events have disappeared from the calendar...



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