[acc_tr_vsk] Re: Startegy again ! LOL

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 00:52:43 +0200

Let's do it, friends, the faster the better!!!

Cheers Rick

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Hi Filippo! hi Comrads !

          I found some free hosters without ads but with mysql and php ...
          my idea would be just to create in a first time :
- a home page with united naccions design with 4 links (ethic, forum, subscribe and contact) - a phpbb forum (free open source) with the actual stucture of Jean Luc's one plus some interactive links the idea of it would be to have some direct discussion on a topic without passing by email
          and so keep it in a "solid" form .
the second thing would be to open it a bit more with some sections like "The Sailor' s Pub" , "Fashion on The Sea", or some other drool things like posting videos on faults ... etc
          in the second time
- the others things good with php is the possibility to add some extend like possibility to subscribe online at each scheduled race , result posted and automatically integrated in database ... and so on ...
          results on one year  ... 10 years :)  , charts .... etc

Yep, for sure that is a good idea. The problem is the huge work the
construction and the maintenance of this entire site will give us. I
think we could begin, as you said Filippo, step by step. I suggest a
forum where we could put the micro results, the discussions about the
incidents, the rules and our team. Then we could add what we wish.
Maybe the good question is by what to begin ? Filippo, I also am
afraid that you will feel alone because maybe you are the single guy
to know how to code a such site (phb, ...).



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