[acc_tr_vsk] Re: R: training in private server

  • From: "Rick Schulze" <rick.schulze@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 18:34:54 +0200

Hello Friends,

yesterday evening I did ask John for practice in tactic manoeuvres. Then he is 
a very good tactician!!! Because I'm not the best tactician and experience is 
missing, so we could reset some scenes, where we are unclear, especially me, 
about rules etc.
Jlucs request is accordingly current and considered and comes in due time!

Cheers, Rick
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        Good idea , I have made some successful traps and want to help the team 
to improve and to improve myself.

        Cheers, John.

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          Subject: [acc_tr_vsk] R: training in private server
          To: "acc_tr_vsk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <acc_tr_vsk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          Date: Friday, 7 May, 2010, 9:56

          Nice idea Jluc.
          When I try to trap or to slow some boats, I always lose ...
          We can do it before opening a public server too.
          Have you the replay? 
          Can you post it?

          Hello friends !

          Yesterday when trapping ALOU at a upwind mark, i have been suddendly  
          losing my rights. Happily, alou did not pen me but i am not glad  
          because i do not understand why i was in fault, what was the rule i  
          have broken.... Is it a Nadeo weakness or my lack of knowlegde ?

          To clarify what we can do when trapping and to improve our skill, I  
          propose that after each "micros" we open a private server and train 
          duos around specific situations:
          - trap at the referree boat when starting the race
          - trap at the upwind mark
          - trap at the downwind mark

          What do you think ?



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