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Yep, i can help the Host decision in making a little informatic program which distribute randomly the members in the races or even in different teams. i shall only have to know 2 inputs:

1/ list of the skippers
2/ distribute them on the 5 races OR distribute them on 2 teams ?

Easy to made for me... I think it is up to the Host to decide. So we keep freedom and flexibility. For instance, I prefer 3X3 competitions, but John like 4X4, that is not a problem. Why not 5X5 ?

We are 4 (jiel, alb, aimo and colibri) to host, tell me others are interressed to host.

cheers !

Think is a good idea and Marco's comment is very well too. I only hope, that there will be no jealousy of other members LOL.
Congrat to REIN for UN membership!

See you tonight.

Cheers, Rick
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I think it's a good idea to send an e-mail beforehand and make a plan. If there are 5 or 6, we can easily rotate.


  On 14 May 2010 12:04, Piaggio, Marco <marco.piaggio@xxxxxx> wrote:

May be very difficult to choise between AIMO, ALB, DARREN, FILIPPO, JLUC, REIN !!! J

    But it is true that Host is GOD in VSK!

Perhaps time to time we can see if “host decision 3x3 or 4x4” or “intra-team micro”, if we are all online

There is a third possibility: 2 micro-challenge with 2 different host; UNT1 e UNT2 .


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    Bonjour à tous !

    REIN has joined our team ! Wellcome Rein !

    As pointed by John, the UNT with 7 members may have difficulties to

    set up the micros ... I propose 2 ideas:

    1/ at least a day before the micro opens, each member has to write to

    the Host if he will join. The Host then decides by himself and in

    advance which races each skipper will do and tells the compositions in

    the chat box when the micro opens.

    2/ in the case where 6 UNT members or more have registered, the Host

    may set up an intra-team micro.

    What do you think ?



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