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Case 2.
The only thing to say is that the finish line was very short and the two circle 
overlap. But we was near the mark on the right, so we was in case 2 .

We have to re-compute the result. 
Next time we will meet Quimiac I will say him to watch at pages. 

Thanks Jluc.
You pages are very well described.

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> So Quimiac was in right when he contested the pen?
> I cannot slow him if we are in the circle ?

Thanks you Marco to point the problem.

1/ We were wrong in saying  
there was no proper course (its only before the start there is no PC,  
see the definition of Proper Course).

2/ If the picture is correctly representative of what happended, then  
you were wrong and deserved a 30s penalty, Quimiac has to be redressed  
by gaining a 30s promotion.

3/ If you had very low speed before the trap (in which case the  
picture would be the second of this page:  
 then your trap was allowed (i think because there is a still open discussion 
about that in the official  

Please Marco, do you remenber what was the situation between the 2 of  

In case 2/ Quimiac has to be redressed and the micro result re-computed.



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