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Marco, a wonderful statement, and I tell you, yesterday night was all other 
then useful. Penalty given, ok, but not at each price. There is a really 
statement as hotkey from John (ALB) in puncto penalty. I agree with them 100 
percent. Its nice to have fun particularly with our friends. Be careful in 
future, if ER_FACH is team racing. He is all other then a fair sportsman. 
Fairness is for him a strange word.

In that since

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  Mine was only a provocation!

  You are right.

  Sometimes can be fun to race without rules .. But it is not useful.

  We must continue our race as we are doing now.

  I learned a lot from your races and I think this is the right way.


  Marco - Colibri


  See you tonight.


  UnitednACCcion forever!







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  > Dear Friends!

  > Yesterday at Midnight i was online and there is a ACC TEAm RACE form  


  > Where everything is allowed, penhunting incluse!!

  > Very very fun, a complete CHAOS..

  > Maybe a solution...



  Yes, i agree that could be a solution. To let Nadeo decides. For the  

  fun, the price to pay is that we couldnt improve to be ready for a  

  potential WTRC with acc.


  I suggest we can do the 2 types of racing. We just have to know before  

  the start LOL.






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