[acc_tr_vsk] Incident Antonio John Rick

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  • Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2010 17:10:17 +0200

Dear THEO,

A boat cannot loose its right to mark room by taking more room then she
is entitled to, however if she takes more room then she is entitled to
she will no longer be exonerated from breaking a rule.
OK. I agree.

How do you handle the rule 18.2(c):

18.2 Giving Mark-Room
 (c) When a boat is required to give mark-room by rule 18.2(b), she
shall continue to do so even if later an overlap is broken or a
new overlap begins. However, if either boat passes head to
wind or if the boat entitled to mark-room leaves the zone, rule
18.2(b) ceases to apply.

AIMO and ALB had passed their head to wind before ANTON hitted them. Have they loose their rights to mark-room defined by 18.2(b) ?



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