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This month's issue of ABC is dedicated to Betty Gunther, 
beloved wife of my buddy, Frank G., who keeps us 
supplied with animated gifs.  Betty suffered for a long 
time with Alzheimer's disease and is now with the angels.  
We love you, Frank, and want you to know that you are 
in our thoughts and prayers.

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1.  Important How-To Message for Reading This Ezine 

2.  Linda's Thought of the Month
(and animated GIF) *** 

3.  Linda's Soapbox ~  "Hey!  You sent me a virus!!"

4.  What's New at Linda's Computer Stop ~ 
Stuff for Windows XP and Office XP Users

5.  Subscribers' Exclusive Tip ~ 
Printing All the Formulas in Your Excel Spreadsheet

6.  GeekSpeak Translation from the Cap'n 


James's Database ~ 
Joins and Relationships in Access ***


8.  Chad's Macro Mania ~ 
Extended Conditional Formatting in Excel ***

9.  Tina's FrontPage News ~ FrontPage Add-ons

10. Mike's Safety Belt ~ Spyware

11. Vic's Registry Roundup & DOS Den ~ 
Creating Shortcuts To Your Outlook Express Identities

12. Steve's Ravin' Reviews ~
         *Crazy Browser *** 
         *X-Fonter *** 
         *Zip Genius *** 
         *ieSpell *** 

13.  Charlene's Drawing Board ~ Color Theory ***

14. Merging Presentations From Multiple PowerPoint 
~ by guest author, Kathryn Jacobs

15.  Live Effects in Macromedia Fireworks ***
~ by guest author, Sara Froehlich

15.  Subscription Management
16. Contact Information

*** includes pictures in the online version or is better
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Well...what are YOU thankful for?  I'm thankful for all 
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AM thankful you are out there.  Please stay safe 
during the holiday season.  You mean a lot to me.

"On Thanksgiving Day, all over America, families sit 
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~~Linda F. Johnson, Editor/Publisher

                "Hey!  You sent me a virus!!"

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been 
getting this kind of email a lot lately.  As if this computer 
of mine, which is tighter than Fort Knox (see my last 
editorial), could possibly have a virus in it.  I'm 
surprised ANYTHING could live in this box.  But, alas, 
people do get viruses emailed to them and they do 
appear to come from me.

"How so?", you ask....well, let me tell ya.

See, there's this critter that's alive and thriving on the 
web and he's called a Worm.  (Some recent ones that 
have been wreaking havoc are known as klez and 
bugbear.)  These worms work in mysterious ways.  
What they do is crawl inside your email program and 
stick their noses in your address book (Do worms have 
noses?  Heck...I don't know!  This is just a story.)  
Anyway, they look in there and say "Hmmmm...I think 
I'll grab one of them email addresses.  That fifth one 
from the bottom looks tasty."  Then, they send 
themselves to all the other addresses in that same 
address book and cloak themselves so it seems they 
were sent by the address they chose and not from 
your address at all.

Many email programs have a feature that you can 
enable that automatically adds email addresses to your 
address book whenever you reply to someone's email.  
(A feature I sure wish people would turn off!!  
Especially people who don't care enough to keep their 
anti-virus software up to date...grrrrr).  So, since I 
have a website and many people write to me with their 
problems, if I reply to these people and they then reply 
to me, I end up in their address book.  Then, one day, 
becuz they don't keep their AV software up to date 
(or don't use AV software at all!) ol' klez or bugbear 
gets into their computer and grabs my address and 
starts sending himself to the hundreds of other people 
in their address book and then, these hundreds of 
people write to me and scream at me that I've sent 
them a virus and "Shouldn't I know better?"  and they 
are going to report me to my ISP!!  Geeesh.  

Gimme a freakin' break here!

So.  I've created a form letter that I now send in reply 
to these complaints.  It very cordially explains how this 
worm works and tells them the plain fact:  IF a worm is 
ever sent to you by me, it will NOT have my email 
address on it.  As a matter of fact, it's very possible 
that the least likely person the virus came from is the 
one who appears to have sent it to you.

What can we do about this?  Well, if you are 
conscientious, you can do three things:

1.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your virus definition 
files up to date!! 

2.  And if you don't, at least PLEASE stop adding 
strangers to your address books.  It just ain't fair! 

3.  Do NOT report people to ISPs unless you are 
absolutely, POSITIVELY, 100% sure they indeed are 
the ones who sent you a virus. 

Do I sound miffed?  Well, I am.  Stuff like this makes me 
never want to reply to mail sent to me by strangers 
again.  Unless we ALL start being responsible for our 
computers, stuff like this is gonna kill us, ya know?

Be kind to strangers.  Practice safe cyber.

Happy Computing!
Linda Johnson is a college instructor of all of the 
Microsoft Office Programs, as well as Adobe PhotoShop 
and Windows. She also teaches online distance learning 
classes in Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and 
Word at Eclectic Academy. 
She has worked helpdesk and teaches and lectures at 
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(4.) WHAT'S NEW at Linda's Computer Stop 


First of all, I want to welcome ABC's newest Fleet 
member, Charlene Russ.  Charlene's specialty is 
graphics and design and she's gonna teach us all a LOT 
of good stuff.  Go here to read all about her and the 
rest of the Fleet:

I wrote an article for Dian Chapman's Techtrax eZine 
which explains the new Task Pane in all the Office XP 
programs.  It's actually a pretty cool feature, so if you 
want to get the most use out of it, you might want to 
check this out.  You can go to the TechTrax site and 
read it (and while you are there, click on the link on the 
left to take the TechTrax survey...it only takes a couple 
minutes and there's a random drawing with some 
GREAT prizes you don't wanna miss).  

Or, read it here at my site, where there are no prizes :-(

Fleet member, Vic Ferri also has an article at TechTrax 
that tells all about Holographic Video Storage, which is 
REALLY interesting.

I've beefed up the Windows XP section of my Windows 
Page and added some new links.  If any of you know of 
some good resources for Windows XP users, please 
send them to me and I will add them.

The newest term at Eclectic Academy started this week 
and I am accepting late enrollees until Sunday, 
November 10th, so if you hurry, you can still get in.  
Read all about my online classes here:

And, I've added a link to the MouseTrax Downloads 
page on my own downloads page.  Dian and Greg 
Chapman, MS MVPs, offer some great freebie utilities.  
Scroll down til you see MouseTrax:

Well...that's about it for this month.  Please come back 
to my site often to see what else I've added and drop 
me a line if you have any suggestions.


(5.) Subscribers' Exclusive Tip of the Month:


Do you want to print all the Formulas in one of your 
Excel spreadsheets so you can have the hard copy right 
beside you while you work?  Well...here's the steps to 
do this easily.

1. Hit ctrl+` to show all your formulas. (` is the key 
above your tab on the left of your keyboard.  It's a 
toggle, so if you hit ctrl+` again, it will turn the formulas 

2. Go to the Edit menu and select "Go To".

3. In the Go To box, click on the button that says Special.

4. In the Special box, put a check in Formulas and leave 
all the sub-boxes under Formulas checked. Click OK.

5. Now all your formulas are selected, so go to the File 
menu and choose Print and in the section where it says 
"Print What", choose Selection.

ALSO...if you want to see the exact locations of the 
formulas, before you do this, go to the File menu and 
choose "Page Setup".  In there, click on the "Sheet" 
tab and put a check in the boxes that say "Gridlines" 
and "Row & column headings" in the Print section.  
This way, you won't just see the formulas spread out 
all over your pages, but you will see the rows and 
columns where they are located.

And there you go!

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article includes pictures and is 
clearer if read online.  You can see the online version here:


Hello Everyone,
This month I am going to provide you with part of my 
Intermediate level class for Access at Eclectic Academy, 
which I teach with my wife, Laura.

Throughout this lesson we will refer to the Northwinds 
sample database that Access provides. Please download 
it from 
if you do not already have it. 

Let's jump right in and get started. We are going to 
start with Joins and Relationships. 


Access is a relational database. What this boils down to 
is that you can store all of your data in several related 
tables. This reduces repetition and the potential for 
errors in entering the data. The relationship is the way 
one table or set of data is related to another table. Each 
table ideally has a primary key. This primary key is linked 
to a field in the related table so that the additional 
information from that table can be tied to it. The related 
key field is sometimes called a foreign key. The easiest 
way to remember the difference between the two is a 
primary key is unique to its table. A foreign key refers 
to a primary key in another table and may be duplicated. 

Let's take a look at the relationship window of the 
Northwinds database. Once you have the database 
open, click on Tools, Relationships and it should bring 
up the Relationship window.  

You will notice lines connecting fields on each line. 
These are the relationships we designed into our 
database. To create a simple relationship, click on 
a field in one table and drag it to its related field in 
another table. You should also notice symbols at each 
end of these relationships, these tell you what type of 
relationship these tables share. A number one means 
that it is a "one" side to a relationship. An infinity symbol 
represents the "Many" side of a relationship. 

There are three types of relationships: 
o-----------------o  One to One  

Each field in table A has exactly one matching field in 
table B. Both fields must be indexed and are usually 
the primary key.

1----------------- 8    One to Many 

There is only one record in table A but each record can 
have many matching entries in table B. The Customers 
to Orders relationship is a One-to-Many relationship. 
One customer can have many orders. All of the 
relationships in the Northwinds database are of this type.  

8------- 1------- 8      Many to Many  

This is generally accomplished through two One to Many 
relationships going through a single One.  


Now that we have a better understanding of 
relationships, let's look at Joins. A join is the 
representation of a relationship in a query. It is the tool 
used to tell your query in what way you want your 
related data retrieved. There are three types of joins: 
Inner, Left Outer, and Right Outer. The first is the most 
common, the inner join. The Inner Join returns only data 
that matches in both tables. The Left Outer Join returns 
all data from the left table in the query window and only 
the matching data on the right table. The Right Outer 
Join does just the opposite. It returns all data from the 
right table and only matching data from that on the left.
Now, let's all take a crack at creating a join. 

* First, open the Northwinds database.  
* At the main Database window, click on the Queries 
Tab, then on New.  
* Add the Customers and Orders tables to your design 
grid. Notice that there is a line between the two 
CustomerID fields. This is the join. If the fields are 
already joined in the Relationships Window, or if the 
fields are named the same and meet the criteria for one 
of the types of joins, the join line appears automatically.  

This query will provide us with data where the 
CustomerID matches in both tables. Now let's take a 
hypothetical situation and adjust the query for it. The 
Marketing Director at Northwinds Trading Company has 
asked you to provide him a report of all customers and 
how many orders each placed in December of 1994.

* First, add the fields CompanyName, ContactName, 
Region, and OrderDate, by double clicking on each in 
the field lists at the top.  
* To get the desired date range, enter 
'Between 12/1/94 and 12/31/94' (without the single 
quotes) under the criteria for the OrderDate.  

Did you notice how Access automatically placed pound 
signs (#) around the dates? The pound sign is how 
Access recognizes the Date format, and it's a good way 
to know if you've entered a date properly. 

This query will run just fine, but to make sure you're 
only getting the records the Marketing Director wants, 
you'll need to adjust the way Access thinks about the 
join. Double click the join itself (the line between the 
two fields). A new window will pop up with three options: 

1. Only include rows where the joined fields from both 
tables are equal (This is the default option).
2. Include ALL records from "Customers" and only those 
records from "Orders" where the joined fields are equal. 
(Click this option)
3. Include ALL records from "Orders" and only those 
records from "Customers" where the joined fields are 

Congratulations! You have created an Outer Join 
(specifically, a Left Outer Join). 

Referential Integrity: 

According to the Access 97 help index, "Referential 
integrity is a system of rules that Microsoft Access uses 
to ensure that relationships between records in related 
tables are valid, and that you don't accidentally delete or 
change related data." This means that Access will help 
you enforce rules so that your data (a) is valid to start 
with and (b) remains valid throughout its usage. 

Cascading Updates and Deletes: 

Cascade Update Related Fields is an extremely useful 
option to use if your data - past, present, and future - 
relies on the most up to date information. A Cascade 
Update replicates your changes to data throughout your 
database. If you changed information in your primary 
table, Access would make that change in all of the 
related tables. Since this is a somewhat difficult concept, 
I will try to give you a business example. A Billing 
department needs the current address of all its 
customers regardless of where they lived when the 
product was shipped. The Billing department using 
Cascade Update has an advantage in that they only 
need to update the Billing Address in one place, and that 
change is reflected on all records, both past and future. 
There are also times where it's not a good idea to 
Cascade Update; for instance, in an employee table. If 
Joe Cool receives a salary increase and his commission 
percentage increases, you do not want to use Cascade 
Update because his commissions on past sales should 
remain unaffected by the change. 

Cascade Delete Related Records can be dangerous and 
should be used with extreme caution. They do 
something similar to the Cascade Update. When you 
delete a record in a primary table, that deletion is 
carried out on all related or child tables as well. In some 
cases (a purge of outdated material, for instance) and 
this can be very helpful. It is also dangerous, as it can 
have disastrous outcomes. If you choose to use Cascade 
Delete for purging old records, it is recommended that 
you turn it on only long enough to complete your purge, 
then turn it off. Remember that in Access, once your 
data is gone, it is gone! The Undo option usually will 
provide you no solace and unlike Word and Excel, you 
cannot simply choose to not save your changes.

If you have any questions regarding this lesson, why 
not join our Access Intermediate class at Eclectic 
Academy?  We will be going into more detail on the 
multiple table queries.
James La Borde works in the computer department at a 
Credit Union, where he uses Access, SQL Server, VBA, 
and ODBC daily.  He also teaches online Access classes 
at Eclectic Academy.
~~Chad K. Welch

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article includes pictures and is 
clearer if read online.  You can see the online version here:

One of the great features of Excel is the conditional 
formatting. With a quick glance at the spreadsheet you 
can notice certain areas of concern that may have been 
overlooked if not for the different cell formats. 
Unfortunately, Excel only permits three conditional 
formats for any cell. Often it is necessary to include 
more than four formats. (No that wasn't a typo - with 
conditional formatting you can have four formats: the 
normal format and three conditions.  For example if a 
cell will have the value 1, 2, 3, or 4, and each value 
should have a different format, then apply a normal 
format for the value 1, and three conditional formats 
for 2, 3 and 4.)

With a little VBA you can create as many formats as you 

Right click the worksheet tab where you will be adding 
the extended conditional formatting and choose 'View 

Then,  in the Visual Basic Editor that opens choose 
'Worksheet' in the left combo box and 'Change' in the 
right combo box. That will create the code-wrapper.

The next step (if you haven't already done it) is to 
determine the different formats that will be applied to 
each condition and the range(s) that the formats will be 
applied. I usually list the range(s) and formats in 
comments near the beginning of my code. For example: 

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
        '0-10   Background = red(3)
        '>10-20 Background = orange(44)
        '>20-30 Background = yellow(6)
        '>30-40 Background = green(4)
        '>40-50 Background = blue(5)
        '>50    Background = purple(21)        

        '<0         Font = red(3)   background = white(2)
        '0-100      Font = white(2) background = black(1)
        '100-<500   Font = black(1) background = green(4)
        '500-<1000  Font = green(4) background = black(1)
        '>1000      Font = black(1) background = red(3) 

End Sub

The numbers in parenthesis are the color indices relating 
to each color. In Excel you can pick from the 56 colors 
shown in the chart in the online version of this article. 

I only used font and background colors in my example, 
but you could also make the text bold or italic, add or 
remove borders, change the font or a myriad of other 
things. One common format that a lot of people ask 
about is blinking cells. Come back next month and I'll 
show you how to make the cell backgrounds blink 
different colors.

Once you've determined the different conditions it is just 
a matter of building the code to handle it. For the 
examples I chose, the code will be:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
        '0-10   Background = red(3)
        '>10-20 Background = orange(44)
        '>20-30 Background = yellow(6)
        '>30-40 Background = green(4)
        '>40-50 Background = blue(5)
        '>50    Background = purple(21)        

        '<0         Font = red(3)   background = white(2)
        '0-100      Font = white(2) background = black(1)
        '100-<500   Font = black(1) background = green(4)
        '500-<1000  Font = green(4) background = black(1)
        '>1000      Font = black(1) background = red(3)        

    Dim cel As Range    

    For Each cel In Range("A1:A10").Cells
        If IsNumeric(cel.Value) And cel.Value <> "" Then
            If cel.Value >= 0 And cel.Value <= 10 Then
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
            ElseIf cel.Value > 10 And cel.Value <= 20 Then
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 44
            ElseIf cel.Value > 20 And cel.Value <= 30 Then
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
            ElseIf cel.Value > 30 And cel.Value <= 40 Then
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 4
            ElseIf cel.Value > 40 And cel.Value <= 50 Then
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 5
            ElseIf cel.Value > 50 Then
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 21
            Else 'default conditions
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
                cel.Font.ColorIndex = 1
            End If
            cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
            cel.Font.ColorIndex = 1
        End If

    For Each cel In Range("D1:D10").Cells
        If IsNumeric(cel.Value) And cel.Value <> "" Then
            If cel.Value < 0 Then
                cel.Font.ColorIndex = 3
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
            ElseIf cel.Value < 100 Then
                cel.Font.ColorIndex = 2
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 1
            ElseIf cel.Value < 500 Then
                cel.Font.ColorIndex = 1
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 4
            ElseIf cel.Value < 1000 Then
                cel.Font.ColorIndex = 4
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 1
            Else '>=1000
                cel.Font.ColorIndex = 1
                cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
            End If
            cel.Font.ColorIndex = 1
            cel.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
        End If

End Sub

Send me an idea I can use for this column and if you are 
the first to submit the idea I'll send you $5.00. Just 
make sure to put "Idea for ABC" in the subject line. 
Chad Welch works as a technician/enabler in Utah and 
is pursuing a degree in Biology. He is looking for a 
competitive and challenging position as a crime scene 
technician or forensic scientist. He is willing to relocate 
anywhere in the US as long as it is close enough to a 
good university that he can finish a bachelors and 
masters degree in biology or forensic science. He will 
also become POST certified if needed.  Contact him at 
chad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for more information.

~~Tina Clarke, AccessFP - FrontPage Resource Centre


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 if it could do this?. or that?. or the other?  Well, 
fortunately for us, it can. It can because there are great 
developers out there that make FrontPage Add-ons and 
Plug-ins for FrontPage and quite a lot of them are FREE! 

That's what I'm going to tell you about in this issue and, 
if you have ideas of your own that you would like to see 
in the latest FrontPage add-on, pass them on to me and 
I will pass them on to the developers.

Perhaps you have wanted to optimise your Meta tags 
and put your title into first position? 

Would you love to be told where you have left out your 
alt tags and, what's more, have the size of the graphic 
calculated so the browser loads more quickly? How 
about having your pages or the whole website tested 
for missing Description and Keyword Meta tags? Well 
surely you would want to be told when you forgot to 
code for background colour? You do? Well look no 
further than TP_ErrOmi v2 from 
The best tune up for a FrontPage website available 
and, if you have feedback about the application, Tom 
Price the webmaster would love to hear from you.  
That's how his products are improved; by user feedback.

New add-ons are always coming out, xmedia 
has two recent ones just for you: 

FrontFX Galleria: This new addin creates an Image 
Gallery type Shopping Cart in which users can select 
images across your website to later be compiled into a 
single page gallery of images.   

FrontFX PrintWeb: Ever wanted to print a listing of 
Files/Folders etc from your current web?  Not that easy 
is it?  Well it is now, thanks to FrontFX PrintWeb.  Fully 
optioned and ready to report! 

These are not the first FREE Addons that Andrew 
Brisbane the Webmaster has brought out.  

With FrontFX Picture Splitter there is no more switching 
to other graphic applications or utilities to cut up large 
images.  The  functionality is now built into FrontPage 
2000 for FREE! 

Now answer me this.  Have you ever wanted to check 
all the images in your FrontPage web to ensure that 
there are no broken images? The FrontFX ET Image 
Reporter will do just that.

For those musical lovers out there that have FrontPage 
98 and 2000 you can utilize:

(A plug-in for Netscape and Internet Explorer that plays 
MIDI and MP3 music off of the web) directly with 

Did you know there is a site that has over 20 add-ons 
and utilities for FrontPage and more coming all the 
time? No? Well you should stop by Jimco's Add-ins 
which has become synonymous with FrontPage add-ins 
throughout the FrontPage Community. Amongst the 
many is Multi-page Background, which allows you to 
easily add a background image to multiple pages in one 
easy step. (2k/02). Next up is Style Sheet Linker, which 
is a more robust way to apply style sheet links to your 
pages. You can even see a preview before applying your 
changes! (02). The Hyperlink Underline Remover allows 
you to add an embedded style sheet to selected pages 
that will remove the underline from your hyperlinks. No 
HTML hand coding required (2k/02)! 

Do you want to hide the fact that the site you just made 
is a FrontPage Site? No problem.  No FrontPage Meta 
will remove the GENERATOR and ProgId Meta tags 
when you save your pages (2k/02). 

Just moved to a Unix server and discovered you can't 
have upper case file names? Never fear, Case Changer 
will change all files and folders in your Web to lower 
case (2k/02). 

Forgetful? If you have an unsaved page open when you 
publish, FrontPage will not publish your changes.  
Pre-publish runs in the background and prompts you 
to save any unsaved changes prior to publishing (02).

Did you forget the time and have to run out the door? 
You have 10 pages open all wanting to be saved, Save 
All will come to the rescue.  It adds a menu item to the 
File menu in FrontPage that saves all unsaved pages (02). 

Fed up of having to close the New Page that opens 
automatically when you launch FrontPage? Well No New 
Page 3.0 will now prevent the new page when 
FrontPage is launched and it will also prevent the 
new_page_#.htm that FrontPage automatically creates 
for you (2k/02). 

There are many more add-ins at Jimco's.  The ones 
listed above are just a taster and, what's more, they 
are all FREE.

One of the newest FrontPage developers is Simon 
Haddad who has a corner spot at At-FrontPage
owned by Tiffany K Edmonds, Microsoft 
MVP - FrontPage.  Simon has developed the following 

Pick up a Cross-browser pop-up window using your 
choice of web address, trigger, and window settings. 
If you're the type of person that likes coloured scroll 
bars, now you can quickly and easily customize the 
colours of the browser's scroll bars in Internet Explorer 
5.5 or higher (no ill effects in other browsers). If you 
want to keep a 'very rough' count of hits on your site 
but don't want to look like a newbie, Simon has 
produced an add-on for inserting an invisible Hit 
Counter - Secret Hit Counter. Two New Add-on's from 
the SimonBots stable are the 3D-style drop shadow 
Text, which will insert text with that appearance. 
Simon's other new production is an add-on to insert 
HTML directly into the Normal view of FP2k2, and 
specify its design-time appearance - Custom HTML 
Mark-up.  Keeping those scripts & styles from being 
accidentally deleted, great for server-side scripts. 
Simon has more listed at the above link.

brings one FrontPage add-on with five fantastic 
features these include. Slide Show, which adds a slide 
of pictures displayed one picture at a time with NEXT 
and PREVIOUS buttons. IE users will see a transition 
effect when pictures change. Scrollbar color, which 
changes the colour of the scrollbar and it has an easy 
to use colour picker. You can add the effect to single 
page, all pages, or a linked style sheet. Fading 
Messages continuously displays text or html messages 
in a specified location. Messages will show up with a 
fading effect. Add To Favorites adds a link or an image 
that once clicked adds the page to the browser's 
favourites. Current Date adds the current date, 
according to client's clock.

Keeping on top of your site Statistics is a must and for 
that you can pick up HitBOX Site Analyzer! 
This wizard installs an add-on in FrontPage 2k/02, 
which will allow you to add HitBox code to multiple Web 
site pages at once, without having to open a single 
HTML file.

Nothing could be better than to start earning money on 
your FrontPage web sites by adding merchant affiliate 
links with Channel Cash! 
Each time your visitor clicks on a merchant link from 
your site and buys, you earn commissions! Channel 
Cash is fully integrated into FrontPage 2000 and is 
accessed through the Insert Component icon on the 
FrontPage toolbar.

Do you need Pixel-perfect accuracy? Then you must 
have the Screen Callipers 
they are a unique on-screen measurement tool. They 
resemble real life callipers in both form and function 
and are now linked directly from Microsoft FrontPage 
for seamless integration.

Now, we all know size matters and no more so than on 
the web.  This next add-on is great if you want to 
quickly check if your page falls within a certain size 
(suggested size: 30KB-60KB). PageWeight Add-in for 
 will do that job. With PageWeight, you have one-click 
access to the main factors that contribute to the size of 
a page. When the PageWeight window is displayed, you 
will see: size of page in KB, total number of characters, 
total number of font tags, total number of scripts, total 
size of all images and a breakdown of each image and 
how large it is. This add-on is only available free from 
the Microsoft Downloads section.   the developers 
provide it, but only as part of their other packages.

Every Webmaster wants to meet accessibility and 
usability guidelines and HiSoftware is helping us do just 
that. AccVerifyR SET 
for FrontPage provides verification and reports all 
errors/non-compliance with accessibility policy and 
standards for Web sites under the WCAG 1.0 P1-P3 
Guidelines and the Section 508 standards. In addition, 
the software provides a complete checklist for 
standards that must be manually verified to take you 
100% of the way to an accessible Web site.  And,  
HiSoftware also provides an E-Book to go with it:  
HiSoftwareR Understanding Accessibility eBook for 
MicrosoftR Reader & PDF
(You must register to receive your free copy)

Microsoft, of course, has their own FrontPage add-ons 
(why not put them into the program?) and this article 
would not be complete without them. 

* Comprehensive DHTML, HTML, and CSS Reference  

This add-in will insert a link for a comprehensive 
developer's help reference for HTML, DHTML and CSS 
on the help menu in FrontPage.  

* Comprehensive JScript and VBScript Reference  

This is a comprehensive developer's reference for 
JScript and VBScript and also links you to the Microsoft 
Add-in Center where you can find more add-ins for 

* FrontPage Database Troubleshooting Utility 

The FrontPage Database Troubleshooting Utility checks 
for the following items that may cause a Database 
Results Region page to fail: - The absence of a 
Global.asa file. - Whether the Global.asa file is running. 
- Whether the Global.asa file is running outside of the 
Web. - The absence of any database connections in 
the Web.

* Self-service Site Creation SharePoint Team Services:

Server administrators can use the Self-Service Site 
Creation Add-in to allow users to create a SharePoint 
team Web site automatically as a subweb of the root 
web, without needing administrator rights to the root 
web. For developers, this add-in is also an example of 
the types of automations you can create for SharePoint 
Team Services. If you want to create your own add-in, 
or customize this one, you can use the source files that 
are included in this download. 

* Document Manager  

This add-in allows users to open/save and close multiple 
documents. Quickly select a document from the list of 
open documents. Additionally, users can see files by 
filenames or by TITLE. 

* Sort Add-in (Available only at MS but developed by 
Matt Cohen)

You can sort text, numbers, or data in ascending order 
(A to Z, zero to 9, or earliest to latest date) in lists or 
tables. Or, you can sort in descending order (Z to A, 9 
to zero, or latest to earliest date). This add-in sorts 
tables, lists, paragraphs and fields as well. 

* AutoFormat (Available only at MS but developed by 
Matt Cohen) 

Tables are commonly used on Web pages to organize 
and present information in rows and columns, in much 
the same way tables are used in print documents. Table 
AutoFormat provides the users an easy way to give their 
tables a professional look to display information on the 
Web, without having to know how to work with HTML 

* Document Selector 

This add-in allows users to quickly select a document 
from the list of open documents. Additionally, users can 
see files by filenames or by TITLE. 

* Microsoft FrontPage Extensions for Web Storage 
System Forms 

The Microsoft FrontPage Extensions for the Web 
Storage System provide simple, flexible HTML forms 
backed by data in Exchange folders. With these forms, 
you can customize or replace Outlook Web Access forms 
and views. FrontPage Extensions for Web Storage 
System forms include: Integration with the FrontPage 
Forms Editor View Design Time Control Outlook Web 
Access Design Time Control Simple List Application 
Template Form Registration Editor Context-sensitive 

Microsoft got their act together this year and finally 
started their own FrontPage add-ons center (The 
Microsoft FrontPage Addin Center at:
which lists many more Free or Trial/Demo Addins.

Of course you can always find the latest add-ons listed 
in the FrontPage Resources section of AnyFrontPage 
Bytes Ezine (Now published monthly) check out the 
current issue at http://anyfrontpage.com/bytes/ 

What I've mentioned above is only the tip of the iceberg.  
There are many, many more FrontPage add-ons and 
plug-ins available.  For a the oldest archive on the web 
of FrontPage Add-ons you need to check out AccessFP 
FrontPage Resource Center at 
There you will find not only FREE add-ons but all the 
Trial/Demo and To-Buy Add-ons that there are and if 
it's NOT listed, well for goodness sake, TELL me about 
it by writing to addons@xxxxxxxxxxxx, whether you're 
the developer or just want to spread the word. 

Happy FrontPage Crafting!
Tina Clarke is the Webmaster of AccessFP - FrontPage 
Resource Centre at http://accessfp.net and an editor of 
"AnyFrontPage Bytes Ezine". Subscribe to the FrontPage 
ezine and get FREE FrontPage E-Books upon joining. 

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Do you want to know the latest on FrontPage? Do you 
want Tips, news, articles, links and ebooks on 
FrontPage? Well the AnyFrontPage Bytes Ezine is the 
best place for your FrontPage and web crafting needs, 
join up at: 
Are you looking for resources for FrontPage? Want to 
know where all the best FP links are? The hosts, the lists, 
the forums? 
Use AccessFP - FrontPage Resources Centre as the 
start site for your FrontPage Information facts. 

~~ Mike Baynes, MikesWhatsNews


This is not a piece of clothing worn by James Bond.  

It is a line of code or software which reports your 
activities to someone or some place; frequently a 
software company or vendor.

Most of us are familiar with with programs asking us to 
register with the vendor. But some programs employ 
spyware to track our movements or keystrokes on the 
computer. The programs, spyware, or trojans then 
attempt to pass this information on by 'phoning home' 
(using your internet connection to report your 
actions/keystrokes to others).  When this is done 
without your prior knowledge and permission, it is 
considered spyware.

Frequently the spyware comes bundled with an 
application which we have given permission to access 
the internet, like Gator, GetRight, or ReGet, which are 
used to download files or programs from the internet.

Some companies which use this technology in their 
products are Aureate/Radiate, Comet Cursor, Cydoor, 
and there are many more.  Fortunately, there are some 
good free anti-spyware programs.

A variation of Spyware is Scumwear, software which 
redirects/hijacks viewers from one web page to 
another without user input.  eZula TopText, Comet 
Cursor, and KaZaA are some of the more common ones.  
Frequently these types of programs will redirect or 
change your browser's homepage to a porn site or 
some other site other than the one you want.

See Home Page Hijacking - "Has your Browser Been 

One of the newest threats is a recently discovered virus 
which accompanies an E-greeting card.  When you go to 
the web site to view the card someone has sent you and 
click to view it, you are prompted to install new software. 
As part of the software installation you are asked to OK 
an EULA  (End User License Agreement).  This is a worm 
which will use your address boot to propagate.

What makes this particular piece of  'scumware' unique 
is it is the first time a Worm (or whatever it is) has 
included an EULA. 

Sneaky E-card Installs Porn 'Worm' by Bob Sullivan MSNBC 




Good Anti-Spyware Sites

A list of programs infected with spyware can be found 

Spychecker - database of Spyware (adware) products 
lets you detect spyware before you download. 

tom-cat.com - Spyware List

SimplytheBest Spyware information spyware blockers 
spyware cleaners

Say No to Spyware

Steve Gibson's Opt Out

One of the best programs to battle spyware is a free 
program called AdAware:
Ad-aware 5.83 is a free multi-spyware removal utility 
that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for 
known spyware and scumware components and lets 
you remove them safely. It is updated frequently.

Pest Patrol is another excellent program for removing 
"pests".  PestPatrol detects & removes over 40,000 
non-virus pests, and is designed to be used with 
anti-virus software to provide complete protection.

This is a new product I have not had the opportunity to 
test yet, however the concept is a valid one:
SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware - 
it prevents it from ever being installed.

Software that is ripping webmasters off

Mike Baynes is the editor of MikesWhatsNews.  
To subscribe, send a blank email to 
See Mike's Anti-Virus pages ~ http://virusinfo.hackfix.org
To subscribe, send a blank email to:

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                                  from Vic Ferri
High level desktop folder security for 
Windows 95/98/Me

Keep your personal and most valuable files locked 
and hidden from prying eyes, viruses, and other users 
of your computer.  Easy to use and extremely secure.

Lock&Hide is an  extremely easy to use  program that 
allows you to lock and hide any folder on your desktop.  
Folders secured with Lock&Hide cannot be seen, found, 
or accessed. Your folders remain totally invisible and 
highly secured, yet can be accessed quckly and easily 
at any time!

More Info here:

Screenshots and instructions here:

Or download the free demo here
(the demo does not include the "Restore All" feature
or the password protection utility.)

~~ Vic Ferri, WinTips&Tricks


If you are using Identities in Outlook Express 5 to 6, 
you will know that you must log on and choose your 
Identity, whenever you wish to check your email.  In 
this article, I will show you two ways you can create 
individual shortcuts to each or any identity so that 
Outlook Express will automatically open to that Identity 
without any prompts when you click your special 
identity icon.

The first thing you need to do is enter the registry to 
copy the global unique identifier (guid) - that long 32 
alphanumeric number - representing the Identity you 
want a shortcut to.

* Click Start>Run, type regedit and go to the Identities 
key here:

* Now click the plus sign next to "Identities" to see a list 
of the guids, each one represented by a separate 
subkey and each one representing a specific Outlook 
Express Identity. 

* To see which guid belongs to which user, highlight it, 
and look in the right hand pane to see what is entered 
for the value User Name. 

* To copy the guid, double click "User Id" in the right 
hand pane and then copy it from there. Once copied, 
save it, for you will have to use it for the next step 
which will be the creation of a reg file. You will also 
need to remember the User Name. 

The best way to show you how to do this is by using an 
In this demo example we will use 
{81757361-A319-13E6-BA23-EE0CAB62F66E} as the 
guid and the name Janice as the User Name associated 
with it.  Make sure to replace both with your own when 
making the files.

* Open up a new notepad document and enter the 
following lines substituting the guid and and user name 
"Janice", with your own guid and user name:


"Last Username"=Janice
"Last User ID"="{81757361-A319-13E6-BA23-EE0CAB62F66E}
"Default User ID"="{81757361-A319-13E6-BA23-EE0CAB62F66E}"
"Start As"="{81757361-A319-13E6-BA23-EE0CAB62F66E}"
* Save the file as your identity name .reg, ie janice.reg.
* Place it in your Windows folders. 

* Next you need to make a bat file to call it and to open 
your OE Identity when it's executed. 

* Open up another notepad document and enter these 

regedit.exe /s "c:\windows\janice.reg"
"C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe"

The above assumes you have Outlook Express installed 
in its default location.  If not, change the path to match 
your path to msimn.exe

* Save the file as your username.bat, ie Janice.bat 

* Double clicking it should now open up OE to your identity 

However there will be dos box flash so you might want 
to make a shortcut to the bat file and run it minimized. 
In this way, OE will open up with no dos window visible. 
To do that:

* Move the bat file in your Windows folder and right 
drag it to your desktop to make a shortcut to it.  

* Then go to the Properties of the shortcut and choose 
Run Minimized.  

* Name the shortcut whatever you want and change 
the icon to something more friendly looking, if you prefer. 

You are now done. Test it out by double clicking the icon. 
It should open Outlook Express to your Identity, without 
that dos window opening up. This will now be the icon 
you click anytime you want to log on to your that Identity. 
Repeat the above process for any Identity you would 
like a separate auto logon shortcut for.

An alternative to the bat-reg file method is a simpler 
vbs method. 

If you want to use this method, make sure you have 
WSH installed. Go to Add-Remove Programs in the 
Control Panel, click the Windows Setup tab, and see if 
there is a checkmark next to Windows Scripting Host, 
under Accessories. If not, check it to install, or better 
yet, download the latest version (5.6) from Microsoft, 
rather than installing the older version supplied with 
Windows setup. You can get the latest by clicking here.

Once you know WSH is installed, open notepad and enter 
these commands, again, substituting with your own user 
name and guid:

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
WshShell.RegWrite "HKCU\Identities\Last Username", Janice
WshShell.RegWrite "HKCU\Identities\Last User ID",
WshShell.RegWrite "HKCU\Identities\Default User ID",
WshShell.RegWrite "HKCU\Identities\Start As",
WSHShell.Run "Msimn.exe"

Save the file with a .vbs extension, i.e.; Janice.vbs, and 
you are done.  Double clicking the file will now 
automatically log you into your identity.
Vic Ferri owns the very popular WinTips and Tricks 
email group 
He is also in charge of the Printing Tips page at
Linda's Computer Stop.
ans also the Registry Tips page. 

Vic has also created a program which allows you to 
Lock & Hide desktop folders in Windows 9X/ME.  
Read more and get the free demo here.

~~Steve Mills

Thanks for the notes and words of encouragement 
regarding my job situation. At this point I'm still 
unemployed, but seriously considering starting my own 
business again. Just not sure I want to deal with 
corporate management any more. All of the SOBs aren't 
at Enron and WorldCom! Keeping my distance may be 
the best thing for my sanity and stomach. Actually I feel 
much better with this decision and as the anger abates, 
I believe I can make it a success. I'm sure those that 
have been let go can understand the time it takes to 
recover - longer than you could possibly imagine.

Enjoy the programs and let me know how they work 
out for you.  Your suggestions are welcome and 

Take Care...



<>  Crazy Browser - 4 geezers 
<> X-Fonter - 5 geezers 
<> Zip Genius - 6 geezers 
<> ieSpell - 6 geezers 

<see screen captures of the software online>


Crazy Browser
Version: 1.05
Author: Google
Web Site: 
Rating: 4 Geezers

Last month's review of MyIE, a multi-tabbed browser 
created a small stir. One reader particularly liked this 
competitor and I can see why. The only reason for the 
4 Geezer rating is its inability to support IE Plug-ins. 
Admittedly, some may see this as an advantage, but I 
find myself using plug-ins, such as IESpeller (see below), 
regularly. The real drawback is uninvited programs 
installing themselves in your browser with no intuitive 
way to remove them. Some features of Crazy Browser 

<> Tabbed Interface - It has the ability to open multiple 
sites and windows inside a single browser task. Browser 
tabs may be aligned at the top or the bottom of Crazy 
Browser and may be displayed on either one or multiple 
<> Full Windows XP Theme support. 
<> Smart Popup Filter (Smart Popup killer)
<> This is the best pop-up killer- it blocks all the annoying 
popups automatically!
<> Security: This has full support for P3P privacy policy 
and zone-based security assignments. 
<> Multimedia Data Loading: Turn loading of multimedia 
data on/off with just one click. 
<> Multiple Engine Searching: Crazy Browser comes 
with many preconfigured search engines, but you can 
extend it to use your own. 
<> Middle mouse button click on links open on new tab. 

One other small gripe - their web site is glacial, but I'm 
afraid that's becoming the rule recently. As I've said 
before, if you browse a lot, a tabbed interface is the 
way to go - at least I think so.


Version: 3.7.2
Author: Blacksun Eclypse
Web Site: 
Rating: 5 Geezers 

I assume that I'm not the only one with about a 
thousand fonts on the hard disk. I like fonts and when 
you add to that weakness, programs that add their 
own fonts you can get WAY too many. It can seriously 
slow some things down and becomes unmanageable. 
Indiscriminate deleting can cause problems, like Turbo 
Tax not running at all (this happened to me). 

Here's an excellent program to manage fonts. A mature 
program with a sophisticated and intuitive interface. 

<> Browse through and preview any installed fonts
<> Browse through and preview any not-installed fonts
<> Install or uninstall any TrueType Fonts
<> Search for fonts on any drive/directory
<> Network support included
<> Font Filtering by Font Family, Codepages and Font Style
<> Adjustable Colors, Styles and Sizes
<> View Fonts in 3D mode
<> Character map (ASCII and Unicode)
<> Basic Image editor built in (with cropping)
<> JPG output supported for 3D graphics
<> Most settings are saved and reused in next session
<> Very simple and intuitive interface
<> No extra DLL's required
<> Uninstall option
<> Compare fonts in Dual pane
<> Print font overview


Author: M.Dev Software
Web Site: 
Rating: 6 Geezers 

What a cool program. I imagine that most readers of 
ABC already have a compression manger. If you haven't 
looked at this genre in a while, you'll be in for quite a 
surprise. Many, such as ZipGenius, are very sophisticated 
utility programs. ZipGenius: not only zips and unzips but 
it is, also, a scanner, email, web, ftp, safety, data 
protection, backup, mp3, and multimedia program. 
Whew! It has both expert and newbie features. 

<> 21 compression and encoding/decoding formats: 
zip, jar, war, ear, czip (encrypted zip), cab, rar (only 
extraction), ace (only extraction), arj, tar, taz, tgz, gzip 
(.gz) / bzip2 (.bz) / z (.z), pak, zoo, lzh, lha, uue, xxe, 
mime / base 64, zip encryption/decryption (CZIP format 
via CryptoZip) 
<> PocketPC support via ActiveSync  
<> Extensible via the ZGTools  
<> Drag and drop support  
<> Integrates in Windows shell  
<> Customizable look and feel  
<> Grid to separate data  
<> Custom font can be applied to ZipGenius buttons 
and menus  
<> Formats other than zip have almost the same 
<> "First Step Assistant" button to drive newbies  
<> Send archive (or single files from them) via e-mail
<> Web publishing of archives and files via FTP 
<> Exports the file list in the following formats:  
     <> HTML (.html) 
     <> XML (.xml)  
     <> Comma separated values (.CSV)  
     <> Plain text (.txt)  
<> The files list can be printed or sent over the web  
<> TWAIN devices support  
<> Archive signature (ZGSign) 
<> Standard zip comment support  
<> Customizable self-extracting archives. 
<> "Readme.txt" automatically shows in normal mode 
<> "Setup.exe" support 
<> File downloading from the Internet  
<> FTPGenius - ftp client built-in  
<> ZipGenius Mail - e-mail client built-in  
<> Enhanced command line support  
<> Bilingual (Italian and English) 
<> Backup functions (ex.: "Outlook Express Messages" 
or "My Documents folder") 
<> Windows XP visual style supported.  
<> OpenOffice.org documents support 


Version: 1.1
Web Site: 
Rating: 6 Geezers 

This is one of my most used programs. I frequent online 
forums quite regularly and this is the 1st usable spell 
checker I've found. ieSpell is a free Internet Explorer 
browser extension that spell checks text input boxes on 
a webpage. It should come in particularly handy for 
users who do a lot of web-based text entry (e.g. web 
mails, forums, blogs, diaries). Even if your web 
application already includes spell checking functionality, 
you might still want to install this utility because it is 
definitely much faster than a server-side solution. Plus 
you get to store and use your personal word list across 
all your applications, instead of maintaining separate 
ones on each application.

The program installs as a new button in the IE toolbar 
(as well as a new menu item under "Tools") - after 
filling in a form, just hit the ieSpell button and it pops 
up a dialog, similar to the MS Word spell check.  

Final Thought:
Artificial Intelligence is no substitute for natural stupidity.
Steve Mills has been reviewing software in different 
capacities for many years.  He has recently left his job 
with a search engine consulting firm and is looking for 
a new adventure.
Contact him at steve@xxxxxxxx for more info.

~~Charlene Russ, Texologic

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article includes pictures and is 
clearer if read online.  You can see the online version here:


Color is an important aspect of art and design. When you 
look at a piece of art or a simple object, the first thing 
you notice is its color, even if only on a subconscious level. 

When creating a digital art or graphic design piece it is 
important to consider the aesthetics of color and its 
impact upon the viewer. Appropriate color schemes and 
proper use of the color wheel are crucial to quality design. 

There are a variety of color schemes which may be used 
in design, such as complementary, primary, secondary, 
triadic, warm and cool. 

Complementary colors are duos which are opposite of 
one another on the color wheel. 

Triadic Color Schemes

Primary Color Scheme: 
Red, Yellow, and Blue

Secondary Color Scheme: 
Orange, Violet, and Green

Cool Scheme: 
Violet, Blue-violet, and Blue

Warm Scheme: 
Yellow, Gold, and Orange

Complementary Duos

Gold and Blue-violet
Blue and Orange
Blue-Green and Reddish-Orange

(Complementary colors are opposite of each other on 
the color wheel, their contrast makes these 
combinations striking.)

See the online version of this article for a Venn Diagram 
which represents the primary and secondary color sets.
Charlene Russ is an instructor with Eclectic Academy, and 
is currently teaching Introduction to 3D Studio Max.  She 
teaches novice students the basics of 3D design and 
modeling techniques.  She is also an adjunct instructor 
with a Florida community college in the Digital Arts dept.  
To enroll in one of her on-line courses you need to access 
the Eclectic Academy website at 
http://www.eclecticacademy.com and click 'enter'.  

Charlene's personal site can be accessed at 
http://www.texologic.com which features a wide gamut 
of useful design related information.

~ by Kathryn Jacobs, PowerPointAnswers

Recently, a visitor to my site emailed me to ask what he 
and his employees could do to prepare for a day of 
presentations they were hosting. However, this request 
had a slight twist to it. The visitor was well familiar with 
how to host the presentations. Instead, they wanted to 
know what issues might bite them during the 
presentations. Why ask this? Because the machines for 
the conference were all going to be PCs running 
PowerPoint 2002, but the machines which will have 
created the presentations will be both Macs and PCs, 
running anything from PowerPoint 97 to PowerPoint 

At first, one would think there are not many issues to 
watch out for. After all, PowerPoint 2002 opens and 
runs presentations from all previous versions. In general, 
presentations can be run cross platform as well. 
However, after only a few minutes, several concerns 
came to mind.

If you can get the presentations ahead of time, it will 
help you out immensely. You can run through the 
presentations and make sure that you were sent all of 
the correct files (especially for sounds and movies which 
are linked, not imbedded.) You can also verify that the 
graphics have come in correctly, not flipped upside down 
or sideways. In some situations, PPT 2002 has been 
known to have these problems with jpegs and other 
graphics when a presentation created in 2000 is opened 
in 2002.

Next thing to check is what fonts were used in creating 
the presentation files. If the senders did not use 
pre-specified fonts, it is likely that they used 
non-standard ones, so you may need to do some font 
replacement. (Again, a good reason to check them out 
ahead of time.)

I suggest saving each presentation to the hard drive 
and pulling each presentation up and running through 
it before the session (whether or not you get them 
ahead). These two steps (running from the hard drive 
and pre-loading) will also allow the machine to bring all 
of the included items into memory and prevent machine 
slowdowns due to loading.

How are you pulling up each presentation? Are you 
going to build a giant menu and select presentations 
from that, or are you just setting them up on a session 
by session basis? If you are able to set up menus, it 
might be worth setting them up on a room by room 

The fact that some of the presentations were done on 
Macs should not matter, except for an increased 
likelihood that they are using fonts you don't have. Oh, 
and you should make sure that all of the Mac 
presentations with videos are able to be viewed on the 
PC, as not all video CODECS translate correctly between 
the two systems.

Let's see, what else? Oh, check that the backgrounds 
are all visible on your display screens and that the fonts, 
etc. are big enough to be seen from the entire room. If 
they aren't, you may need to either do some adjusting or 
do a last minute workaround.

Are each of the presenters going to run their own shows, 
or is your event staff going to run the shows? If your 
event staff is going to run the presentation, I 
recommend that you print out an index of the slides for 
each presentation, so that the staff members can know 
what to do/where to go in case the presenters decide 
to skip around or over material.

The same visitor posted to the PowerPoint newsgroup. 
Several other issues were raised there. If you want to 
check these out, check out this URL: 
Be sure to add to the comments if you think we have 
forgotten anything!
Kathryn Jacobs, BrainBench MVP, MS PowerPoint
Get PowerPoint answers at 
Cook anything outdoors with 
Hardware, software, and history: 
Kathy is a trainer, writer, Girl Scout, parent, and whatever 
else there is time for.

I believe life is meant to be lived. But, if we live without 
making a difference, it makes no difference that we lived.

~ by Sara Froehlich, Northlite Designs

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article includes pictures and is 
clearer if read online.  You can see the online version here:

With Fireworks by Macromedia, you can create and 
animate great web graphics using a full set of both 
vector and bitmap editing tools. They can be exported 
to Dreamweaver or other HTML editors, and you can 
launch Fireworks from inside Dreamweaver or to edit 
images. One of the really nice features of Fireworks is 
Live Effects, which allows you to use the native filters 
shipped with Fireworks as effects, or use third party 
filters, like Alien Skin's EyeCandy or Xenofex, or AutoFX 
Dreamsuite. So what is a live effect? I'm glad you asked...
Live Effects let you apply effects to the image and edit 
them later, as long as you save the native png file. (After 
they are exported to a web format they aren't live 
anymore so if in doubt, keep the png too.) Fireworks 
provides some, including shadows, bevels and embossing. 
They also support many third party filters like AlienSkin 
Eye Candy. In fact, a limited version of EyeCandy 4000 
installs with Fireworks.

Let's try it.

Open Fireworks and start a new image, any size since 
we are just experimenting. Drag out an ellipse to play 
with and apply any fill you wish.

Effects are applied via the Effect Panel. Open it if it isn't 
open already (it is probably a tab in the same group as 
the Fill panel) by going to Window > Effect. Make the 
image you were working on before active. When you 
open the Effect panel it will be empty like this one on the 
right. Click the arrow by None to open the menu.

The top of the menu is None. No effects are applied or 

Use Defaults adds a list of set of effects to the effects 
panel without applying them. You can then turn them on 
and off with the check boxes.

The next section are saved presets you've previously 

Adjust Color through Sharpen are Fireworks filters. 

Loading Third Party Filters

The bottom section contains installed third party filters 
that are supported by Fireworks. Not all third party 
filters work with Fireworks so you can point Fireworks 
to your plugin folder and it will load the ones it can use. 
File > Preferences > Folders >Tick the Photoshop Plugins 
box and browse to your plugins folder. Use these the 
same way as applying other effects: for instance, 
choose EyeCandy 4000 LE > Bevel Boss, and Eye Candy 
opens normally. Choose your settings and click OK to 
apply it. 

In the dropdown list, the filters are arranged in groups 
according to what they do. Choose Bevel and Emboss > 
Inner Bevel

These are the inner bevel options. Each bevel or emboss 
has its own settings.

The first dropdown menu is the type of bevel. Try each 
of these and use different sizes of bevels with each by 
using the number below it. Higher numbers increase the 

Try all the different presets as well.

Open the Outer Bevel, Inset Emboss and raised Emboss 
options and look at the settings. Play with them and see 
what they do, and when you're done pick the setting 
you like the best of all of them and apply it to the shape.

If you want to see the options applied or change 
something, click the i in the blue circle to open the info 
for the bevel and make changes, To delete the effect 
from the image, highlight it and drag it to the trash at 
the bottom of the effects window.

Adding a Drop Shadow

Shadow Effects can be applied just as easily. Keep your 
shape selected and in the drop down list choose Shadow 
and Glow > Shadow.

Use the color well to choose shadow color.

Distance sets how far from the object the shadow falls.

Set the opacity, softness, and angle with the controls on 
the right.

The controls are similar on the other effects. Check them 
all out and apply whatever you like to your image, 
including any third party plugins you want to use.

The effects you create can also be saved as styles to be 
used again on future images. This can save a lot of time 
when, for instance, you need to create web buttons.

This is a very small portion of lesson 2 of my course 
Intro to Fireworks 4 at Eclectic Academy.  We have 
classes in many different subjects, and all courses are 
$20 for a 6 week class. Learn at your own pace in your 
free time! Come see how much fun distance learning 
can be. You can also contact me for more info. 
Sara Froehlich of Northlite Designs 
is an instructor with Eclectic Academy, where her online 
courses include Macromedia Fireworks 4, Macromedia 
FreeHand 10, DreamSuite Gel, Alien Skin Xenofex and 
Eye Candy 4000 and BladePro filters, and Expression 
Level 2, which she teaches with Annie Ford. In January 
she will be adding a Corel Photo-Paint 11 intro class. 
Go to http://www.eclecticacademy.com 
and click on Enter to enroll in one of her classes.  

She also is an instructor at LVS Online, where she 
teaches intermediate Adobe Illustrator classes. 
Go to http://www.lvsonline.com 
to enroll in one of her classes there. 

For more information on all of the classes Sara teaches, 
go to http://www.northlite.net/classes.htm 

Expression Tips and Tutorials: 

Illustrator Tips and Tutorials: 

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Happy computing, my friends!
Linda Johnson
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