[aarontech] new JAWS public beta is right around the corner folks! yaaay!

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 16:07:21 -0400

Eric Damery asked the private beta testers to :spread the word:, so here goes, 
this is the message he included. This is basic information. The beta is not yet 
available, but will be verry soon. I have been using it for a while now, it has 
some very good things going for it. There are still problems, anyone who 
downloads the public beta version when it becomes available should remember 
that beta means it hasn't been as thoroughly tested and refined as it will be. 
One noteable problem is that JAWS wants to get stuck in edit fields on internet 
explorer html document layouts that is, in adobe acrobat, internet explorer, 
and other html interfaces. Often and won't let you arrow out of them, instead, 
you wind up arrowing through the history of things you have typed into that 
edit field. You can try using the pc cursor command, the plus key on your num 
pad, or JAWS Key plus P if you're using laptop layout, which is supposed to 
disable forms mode, but it doesn't usually work in this case. Should one get 
stuck, try hitting tab, that should get them out and they can continue on. If 
anyone runs into this problem or any other problem with the new public beta if 
they are using it after it becomes publically available It'd be cool if they'd 
report it to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, they haven't bothered to fix it 
yet, which leads me to believe either they don't care, and I certainly hope 
that's not the case, or they can't confirm it and they don't think it's a real 
issue because not enough people have reported it. Here's Eric's post, I've been 
using this for a while. I'm happy with the enhancements, many people will have 
strong doubts about auto forms mode, let me ask those to "please try it before 
they start bashing". It does have it's disadvantages, and it has it's 
advantages, the most noteable of which is blind users could verry well finally 
start using web pages like they should, and not get into the habbit of opening 
up forms mode, and pressing tab to pass between the edit fields, that works, 
but you mightmiss something if you do it that way. Listen to Gean Asner 
complain about that one sometime, it's always the same. Anyway, this new auto 
forms mode, the thing I like it about most, is I can truely fill out forms 
effortlessly, until I get stuck in forms mode, and surely fs will take it upon 
themselves to fix that particular hickup, I mean, problem, before they  
actually release it to the public. So, yeah, like I've been saying, here's 
Eric's message, right?

1. The "What's New in JAWS 10 page", which in addition to the description of 
the features, this page has links to the other things listed below. This page 
is found at:
JAWS 10 Public Beta Details 8/21 

2. An updated Surf's Up HTML Challenge. It will really help users in the 
learning process with the new Auto Forms Mode feature in JAWS 10. At the very 
least, you should read the Forms Page: The Surf's Up can be found at:
Surf's Up!

3. A new page for all JAWS 10 customers to download the various voices of Real 
Speak Solo Direct, a more responsive solution to the SAPI option that has been 
shipping since JAWS 8. There are samples on this page of all the voices and 
anyone can download and use the voices they like with JAWS 10 and future 
versions of JAWS and MAGic as well. Check out this page at:
RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices for Freedom Scientific Products

4. New FS Cast, where Jonathan Mosen and Eric Damery discuss and demo the new 
JAWS 10 version.
The MP3 Download is at:

August 2008 FSCast

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