[aarontech] audacity 1.33 beta is majorly accessible

  • From: "valiant" <valiant@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 00:05:03 -0400

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to mention Audacity 1.33.
It's a sound recorder that takes some of it's stuff from gold wave and some
of it from sound forge?
Anyway, it's open source, and thus, totally free. There are a number of
plugins you can put on it, and it does about everything I can think of atm
and then some. The nice thing is that 1.33 beta has some accessibility in
mind, so us blind audio enthusiasts, oh, did I just say I'm one of those in
question? can mess around too. 
the last version I tried, 1.2? I think anyway? wouldn't let me listen to an
entire file for some crazy reason, this one seams to have fixed that
problem. Anyone interested can find it on source forge at
cheers one more time: grin...

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