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  • Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 23:56:25 -0400

Hi all. I can't believe this little unit isn't more popular than it seams to
be, it looks really cool and I want like crazy to get a chance to try one
out sometime. Check out this link over there at APH. Notice down at the
bottom it says the thing has a 30 gb hard disk, a 533mhz processor, and 64
mb of ram. Sorry folks, but that's only 5 times faster than a PACMate, I do
believe, so uh, oh, and about 29.9gb more capacity too, oh, and it has
wireless, Bluetooth, meh, just check out that link, I'm about to go crazy
that's soooo cool looking, and runs on Linux! AAAWWWesome!

Have A Nice Day from Aaron T. Spears (Valiant)!

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