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Hi everyone. This is totally strange, unexpected, wonderful, fabulous,
brilliant, awesome, spectacular news for me.

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Hi all,

VipMud is a Mud client that we are currently about to alpha test.  For those
of you who do not know what a Mud Client is, it is a communications program
which allows you to communicate with on-line multi-user games on the

In the past such clients as the following were used:
1. GMud.  More or less accessible, but not usually right out of the box. 
Its main weakness was that it had no scripting capabilities, and in my
opinion not too much better than a Telnet client.
2. TinTin+ - an Unix text -based client which is an excellent program, but
it was only available for those accessing the internet through a Unix shell.
3. ZMud - Another excellent program, but almost totally inaccessible.
 Mush Client - A reportedly good client supported by Jaws scripts, but it
does not work right out of the box.  Certainly it is not as powerful as 
TinTin+ nor ZMud.

The VipMud client that I always wanted would do the following:
1. work right out of the box without having to download scripts or make many
setup option changes.
2. Work directly with Jaws, Window Eyes, and MS Sapi.
3. Be able to use multiple voices concurrently, and be able to mix MS Sapi
speech with a screen reader voice. Also have different voices assigned to
different activities such as incoming text, command entry, script editing,
system messages, and so on.
4. The gamer should be able to play multiple characters on a single Mud or
on multiple Muds at one time, and the characters should be able to work
together using triggers, aliases, macros, and other scripting commands.
5. Support for.Wav, .OGG, and .MP3 files.  These files should be played as
background, or when an event is triggered such as when you kill a monster or
you sustain an injury, or to indicate low stats such as energy, mana, hit
points, and so on.
6. The scripting commands should be voice oriented.  For example, you may
want to stop speaking spam, but you may want it still displayed on the
screen for future use. Or you don't want something displayed on the screen,
but you want it spoken.
7. Lots of accessibility aids.  An example of one is let's say a character
name Xandiavier asks you a question.  It is a painful and time consuming
experience to first find his name on the output screen, if your client
allows this, and then cut and copy it to your entry field.  inStead you
could type: "Tell X", then press control-space to complete the word with the
client doing the work by finding it in your recent output info, and then
finishing with "how's it going?"  The End result is "Tell Xandiavier How's
it going?"  Other shortcuts are needed as well, such as quickly finding a
previously entered command by typing one or more of its leading characters
and pressing, say Shift-space.  Another helpful tool would allow you to
extract hard to remember place names, character names, spells, and weapons
from a built-in list of names and phrases which you maintain with just a
simple keystroke.
8. Be able to support powerful scripting capabilities to give you complete
control of your actions and environment.

VipMud does all of the above and much more.  It is almost completely written
and is going into alpha testing.  Beta testing will start in the summer
sometime, and it should be coming out early fall, and so stay tuned.

David Greenwood

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