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Hi All,

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend today and my apologies for 
forgetting to send out the meeting reminder until this afternoon.

We had a really interesting conversation today in our AAMT Connect session 
about how to provide each other with support as we learn together. Below you 
will find the notes from the meeting. When Pete returns we will provide a link 
to the recording for those who might be interested. Links to all of the items 
in the meeting notes can be found in the concourse.

Have a great week.

Notes from today's meeting

Certification survey follow-up

  *   We have only 7 responses so far (thanks to all of those who have already 
responded, and particular thanks to Tamarra who has responded twice;)
  *   Leonard Northlands 61, - checked with our district lead about licensing 
and they said we may have to do it at a school level
  *   We have a meeting with Certiport on Monday March 3rd to share with them 
the level of interest from our group to begin discussions about pricing.

AYV progress check-up

  *   No one in attendance had yet taken up an AYV project
  *   Reminder our next face to face meeting May 29 and 30 in Edmonton - Our 
goal is to share the work we have been doing and any evidence we have of impact 
on student or teacher learning
  *   We are hoping to have some examples of schools who have undertaken 
projects, and the AYV projects are already fully built out with all of the 
support materials needed to do it with students, so it would be a great 
strategy to save work and time.

Teachers' Conventions and other presentations updates

  *   Scott McDonald Presented at the NorthEast Teachers's Convention and had 
full sessions with great response
  *   Barb and Eric will be presenting at the Francophone Teachers' Convention 
in August on Photoshop Elements
  *   If we create or present anything that might be of use to others in our 
team, please contribute it to the Concourse and indicate that we want to share 
it with creative commons license, then others in the team can at least have a 
starting place for developing or refining a plan that someone else has already 
tried and knows is good. Thanks!

New member questions and connections

How can we get support in learning the tools?

  *   Adobe TV
  *   Adobe Education Exchange
  *   Adobe for Academics
  *   Total Training http://totaltraining.com
     *   Contact your jurisdiction's technology coordinator (the person 
responsible for the Adobe roll out and get your jurisdiction's unlock code)

Could we potentially establish something like  the "Adobe Cafe" where we could 
have a regularly scheduled google hang-out or web conference session that 
people could drop into and work through challenges or questions they have on a 
particular application?

Is there a way we can collect learning needs and then provide some virtual 
sessions where we could support each other in learning?

How can we find a way to better know who is working on what so that we can 
collaborate in creating things where we have common goals or interests? Can we 
leverage the Concourse in a more effective way? If we posted what we are 
working on to the list serve and asked for collaborator would that work? Is 
there another way to stay more in touch?

Sue Bell
Senior Education Specialist – Innovation and Learning Technology
Calgary Board of Education  (www.cbe.ab.ca<http://www.cbe.ab.ca/>)

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