[AAMT] Planning for May 29-30

  • From: Pete MacKay <pete@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: aamt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 13:33:03 -0600

Good afternoon,

Some of the group is on Spring Break this week; others will be on break next 
week. I'm adding to the discussion about our May session, knowing that people 
will respond when they get these emails. I'll be sending another pesky reminder 
next week too. If you'd like to be involved in the planning, let me know. 

In addition to the Carousel, we also must
fit in time to talk about our impact on student learning and come up with a 
plan to collect evidence of this
plan time on Friday afternoon to set up a Gallery Walk of our creations to 
share with the group
come up with a plan for the August meeting because we'll all be gone by the end 
of June

There's a lot to fit in, so if we shorten the Carousel sessions to 60 minutes, 
we can fit a lot more in. I'd suggest that if you have a topic that needs more 
than an hour, we turn it into 2 consecutive sessions, preserving the 

Tasks For You:
Heads Up: I've been asked to poll the group about continuing the AAMT next 
year. Your answer will depend greatly on the amount of support you receive from 
your administration, so please have those important discussions in preparation 
for our May meeting. We'll talk more about that in person and collect feedback 
at that time.
Consider:  contributing your time and expertise in a Carousel session by 
filling out the form at bit.ly/ORQVru  (by April 4, please). This is a 
grassroots group that can easily rely on its own members for learning - please 
know that the group is affable and easy to work with, so ask yourself what you 
can teach us for an hour. Maybe you can co-present with someone in the group? 
BTW, we won't be asking for evaluative feedback on the individual sessions - 
just on the Carousel format itself. If you want to, as a presenter, collect 
some feedback, please do so for your own reflection.
Reminder: I've only distributed 11 of the Total Training access codes. If you 
want or need a new code, please let me know with this short form: 
Reminder: We had 29 responses to the Days Inn question, with 17 indicating that 
they would be willing to stay there. If you'd like to add yourself to this 
list, then please use this form: http://bit.ly/1d48D6m. I'll call early next 
week to give you a chance to have your vote in. (I didn't ask for names on this 
form because we just need a number. There'll be another form later to collect 
info on who is attending, food concerns, etc...)

If you're on break, enjoy! If you're at work, I look forward to hearing from 

Pete MacKay
Provincial Team Teacher
(780) 486 - 0380

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