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Here's the list of Carousel ideas so far. I think we're a bit skinny on this 
list and there is definitely room for more. I'm going to start scheduling these 
out and connecting with those who offered to present. There will be some 
opportunity to present over two 1-hour periods for any who wish it.

What are we missing? Have you meant to submit an idea but didn't get to the 
form yet? Let's discuss this further at tomorrow's meeting and fill in the 
gaps. There was a comment submitted that I think is important: "I'm not writing 
about presenting, just wanted to let you know that I feels strongly that it 
would be great if there were some training sessions on the basics for those 
still learning Adobe. Thanks so much." Have we addressed this in the sessions 
listed below?

Photoshop Compositing
Learn to combine images in photoshop to create abstract, surreal and artistic 

Creating Webpages with the Adobe Suite
Using Dreamweaver as a platform while integrating both Photoshop and Fireworks, 
participants would learn the fundamentals of creating a Webpage Portfolio from 
scratch! A great way to showcase student work, while learning to make a 
workable and functional webpage without templates!

Creating a magazine cover
InDesign is currently the de-facto application for desktop publishing and it is 
expanding into the realms of digital publishing or ePub. Students who learn to 
use this powerful tool will be building a skill that has great value in 
industry that they can take forward with them into the world of work. In this 
90 minute introductory InDesign session participants will learn the basics of 
InDesign while creating a sample product for a Language Arts/ Social or Science 
lesson. At the end of the session participants will be able to use the 
following tools or features: 
frames, the place gun, selection tools, object transformations, grids and 
guides, colour swatches, layers, and customizing the panels section

Flash & Gr 7 Science
I am by no means an expert in Flash, but in conjunction with grade seven 
science teachers, we created a project for student to work through creating 
animations of the three methods of heat transfer. I can talk about and work 
through the process and basics of Flash that we used to get the students 
working on this project. Most of the students starting this project had NO 
flash experience.

Creating Resource Packages to Help New Users Take up Adobe
In this session we will collaborate identify learning tasks that could be 
developed at different grade levels for which the Adobe tools would be 
beneficial and then gathering the online resource tutorials, project 
descriptions, etc., needed to enable them to get started.

Up and Running with InDesign
This brief session will show the basic setup for using InDesign for print 

Up and Running with Lightroom
Using Lightroom is a great way to organize, edit and share your photos. Learn 
to navigate interface, how to import and export files and how to do basic edits.

Other topics discussed but not submitted on the form:
• Acrobat (Commenting, Review and Forms)
• One Page InDesign Newsletters
• Intermediate Photoshop
• Intermediate Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop Elements Intro
• Premiere Elements intro
• Photoshop intro
• Illustrator intro

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