[AAMT] Old Business - Meeting Times, Days Inn, TotalTraining

  • From: Pete MacKay <pete@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: aamt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 09:47:38 -0600

Good morning,

We received 34 responses to the survey about moving the meeting times to 4:00 
p.m. Of those 34, 31 voted yes.
Please change your calendars for the remainder of the year to show that the 
rest of our online meetings will begin at 4:00p.m. I'll update TheConcourse.ca 
to reflect the following:

4:00 p.m.       Tuesday, April 1
4:00 p.m.       Tuesday, April 15
4:00 p.m.       Tuesday, April 29
4:00 p.m.       Tuesday, May 13
4:00 p.m.       Tuesday, June 10

We had 24 responses to the Days Inn question, with 12 indicating that they 
would be willing to stay there. I'll make some calls to see if there is a good 
rate to ask for when booking. If you'd like to add yourself to this list, then 
please use this form: http://bit.ly/1d48D6m

I've only distributed 11 of the Total Training access codes. If you want or 
need a new code, please let me know with this short form: http://bit.ly/1kXVOKT


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