[AAMT] Re: May Conf Registration and Session Selection - reminder

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  • Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 09:38:45 -0600

Fantastic lineup!


With not being able to attend all sessions, will materials be posted for all
the sessions?


Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone at the end of the month!


FYI, won't be able to attend todays meeting..On the road again, just glad to
be on the road again...




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Good morning! This is a re-send, so if you've registered, please disregard.
If you haven't, please do so by the end of today. I am unable to attend our
meeting, so if whoever shows up can keep a few notes and record any
pertinent discussions, we can catch up tomorrow.


Thanks again for getting your information in so we can continue to plan!




1. Please fill out the Registration Form so we can complete the body-count
for planning.



2. Please fill out this second form to indicate interest in the variety of
sessions being offered. In discussion with a few people, we've realized that
it would be very useful to the presenters in their planning and in assigning
rooms, if we knew how many people were interested in each. That form can be
found here:



Please do both of these forms no later than TODAY before the end of the
business day. 



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