[AAMT] March 18th Meeting Followup

  • From: Pete MacKay <pete@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: aamt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 10:21:01 -0600

Good morning,

Thanks to all who made it to the AAMT meeting yesterday. The recording of that 
meeting can be found at: http://abed-lrc.adobeconnect.com/p1fssh4g4m8/

I'll paste the notes from the Notes Pod below and look for two further emails 
from me. The first is to ask for input on how best to plan for lunches during 
our May meeting in Edmonton; the second to see how the group feels about moving 
all future online meetings to 4:00pm to increase the possibility of attending 
these meetings. The next meeting is schedule for April 1, which might be during 
everyone's spring break. Is it worth keeping that meeting booked? I'm working 
so worst-case scenario is that I show up alone, so that's not a big deal.

Don't forget to check your email from yesterday about how to get a Total 
Training access code for your use. Only 5 people have replied so far. A big 
thanks to Sue Bell and Kirk Villanueva for getting that info sorted out!

Please check in on the Mother Lode doc and fill out your role info in the 
Roster Tab. You'll see the additional columns there and that some have already 
done so. 

Please send me any input you have about the May meeting. So far, we're looking 
at doing a carousel type activity where we ask AAMT leads to run sessions on 
their area of expertise; the group would then move to the area of interest for 
them. This would support our online Adobe Café concept in a face-2-face manner 
and recognize some of the expertise in the group.

It seems to make sense to align the product-interest along the Certiport 
categories so they mesh well with our future certification efforts. To start 
with, I'd suggest that we organize as follows:

Web Communications: Dreamweaver, Muse
Rich Media Communications: Flash, Edge Animate, 
Visual Communications: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
Visual Communications: Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements (And AfterEffects, 
Visual Communications: Illustrator (Fireworks?)
Visual Communications: InDesign
Other: Acrobat Pro, Bridge, LightRoom

If you'd like to lead a carousel session (45-60 minutes?) in one of these 
areas, let me know and I'll start to build a schedule. If there is an area that 
needs attention, we can make room for it. And finally, please try to tie your 
sessions to the Alberta Education Program of Studies. This step is really 
important as it underlines the relevance of our work.

Finally, is there a hotel that you'd like us to approach for a group rate? The 
issue of parking downtown was brought up but if we went south on Calgary Trail, 
there are some mainstream hotels there that do not charge for parking. 

Thanks again for all of your input and efforts, everyone! 

Notes from the meeting:
• 5 minutes from Alberta Education (Kris)
    - Post-poned; Kris is ill today

• AYV Updates from the Field
    - How is your AYV project going?
    - What do you need to finish?

> Students are at a basic level; finding relevant projects or projects that 
> allow students to speak about themselves, can be difficult
> Tamarra - 2 yr scope; making it more digestible for all; 
> cross-curricular connections are challenging
> Curricular connections are emphasized over software skills

Corry S., Mark T., Tamarra P, Colin B. = Lead AYV contacts

• Continue the conversation from last meeting regarding training on individual 
    - Cafe Poll Results
        Ken: organize into smaller interest-based groups?
    - Carousel format at the May meeting?
        Paired for divisional applicability? ie/ Photoshop activity adaptable 
to 4-6 or 7-9 or 10-12, etc

• May PD Meeting: Thursday May 29 - Friday May 30, 2014
    - Edmonton at St. Anthony's Centre just off of Whyte Avenue
    - Lunches - does the group want to do their own if we provide 11:30-1:00?
           >PM send poll re: lunch
    - Hotel Recommendations? Is there one we should appraoch to try and get a 
    - YEG members - please plan to be social on Thursday evening

• TotalTraining & CertiPort updates
    - See email/poll from Pete to get a TotalTraining voucher for your use
• Online Meeting Discussion
    - Would attendance be better if all of the remaining meetings for this year 
start at 4:00 p.m.?
    - PM - to send poll

• Other Business
    - AAMT Members List - roles/teaching duties, etc on the Mother Lode Doc

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