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Join me in a hearty congratulations to Colin for providing Adobe with its 
latest featured Adobe Education Leader! Well done, Colin!

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This month we feature some inspiring animation resources from fellow AEE 
members. Use the Simple Walk Cycle tutorial to help your students learn how to 
recreate a caterpillar moving across the screen in a realistic crawl. Or use 
the Rotoscoping Animation Technique resource to gain inspiration for 
introducing your students to using rotoscoping in their animation projects. 
Finally, check out Adobe Youth Voices new 8-session animation curriculum that 
teaches how to create a stop motion animation using Adobe Premiere Elements.

Check out the work of Colin Byers, this month's featured educator. Colin is a 
Media Arts Instructor in Alberta, Canada and has shared some great video 
tutorials introducing Photoshop and Lightroom in fun and creative ways, 
including black and white conversions and compositing. Use Colin's tutorials in 
your classroom to help you teach these skills to your students.

Rotoscoping Animation Technique
Learn all about animation and rotoscoping with these video examples. They can 
be shown to your class and then, working in groups, students can begin to 
address topics related to their own lives, experiences, or current events to 
create their own animations using rotoscoping techniques. 
Learn more >

A simple walk cycle
Use this tutorial to learn how to create a simple animated walk cycle using a 
caterpillar that walks across the stage. The tutorial offers step-by-step 
instruction so you can recreate a caterpillar moving across the screen in a 
realistic crawl using key frames and onion skins. 
Learn more >

Stories in Motion: Stop Motion Animation Curriculum
In this 8-session, Adobe Youth Voices animation curriculum, youth use Adobe 
Premiere Elements to create a stop motion animation. Stop motion animation 
promotes creativity by encouraging young people to imagine a world in which 
they can bring everyday objects to life. Young people build technical skills 
while crafting messages that make a lasting impact. 
Learn more >

Colin Byers
Colin Byers is a Media Arts Instructor At Bert Church High School in Airdrie, 
Alberta, Canada. He specializes in photography, digital design, video 
production, and animation. Colin has shared a collection of video tutorials 
introducing Photoshop and Lightroom, including black and white conversions and 
compositing. Check out Colin's work for yourself and your students.
Learn more >

Apply for a ConnectED software donation
Applications are now being accepted for the Adobe ConnectED donation program 
from Title 1 schools in the United States. Learn more about the program, 
eligibility requirements, the application process, and more on the ConnectED 
Apply now >

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