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I realize that Airdrie might not be "the summer hot spot", but there are plenty 
of things to do around the area:

*         CrossIron Mills Mall<http://www.crossironmills.com/> which is about 3 
minutes south of Airdrie has plenty of outlet shops if you're interested in 
shopping. Even taking you kids and walking through the Bass Pro Shop is simply 
neat to see.

*         Calaway Park<http://www.calawaypark.com/> (Calgary's Outdoor version 
to Edmonton's Fantasy Land) is about a 30 minute drive away

*         Telus Spark World of Science<http://www.sparkscience.ca/> and the 
Calgary Zoo<http://www.calgaryzoo.com/> are both right off of Deerfoot Trails 
and about a 25 minute drive from Airdrie.

*         Heritage Park<http://www.heritagepark.ca/> is a great place to spend 
a day with a Family - about 30 minutes from Airdrie

If you're looking for something a little further out of Airdrie you could drive 
to Drumheller (about an hour and a half) to see the Royal Tyrrell 
Museum<http://www.tyrrellmuseum.com/> and the Atlas Coal 
Mines<http://www.atlascoalmine.ab.ca/> (which was one of the stops for the 
Amazing Race Canada last year and is a National Historic Site).

Or we could all go for a swim in Colin's outdoor pool at his house. :)

Kevin Crawford, B.Mgt., B.Ed.

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CTS Department Head


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Hi Pat,

Thanks for the feedback. Things were clear about trying for a destination that 
is scenic. While Airdrie may not be a top travel destination, it has the 
facilities required to complete the task at hand - that is, that Bert Church 
High has the labs and capacity to run the planned certification boot camp. 
There are some challenges with planning so late for a summer event - mainly 
that facilities in mountain communities are not readily available. There is 
also the fact that this is a grassroots community that has to rely on input 
from members. If anyone has scouted a different venue that can meet the group's 
needs and short timeline, we would have heard about it since we met almost two 
weeks ago.

Attendance at the August meeting cannot hold the same expectation as the 
school-year ones and there are many reasons why some may not attend. Keep in 
mind that the desire for the group to continue its work and that the 
probability of the group staying intact are high. There will be future 
opportunities to meet in other areas of the province that meet a more aesthetic 
requirement than Edmonton, Red Deer or Airdrie.

I want to be sure to thank Wanda and Colin who offered to help plan the August 
event and remind everyone of the open invitation to be involved in any 
discussions or planning for the August event or any future events of our group.


Pete MacKay
Provincial Team Teacher
(780) 486 - 0380

On Jun 10, 2014, at 5:41 PM, Patrick Bohnet 
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Hi Pete!

Thanks for your hard work, and sorry if this sounds negative, but if I was not 
mistaken, was it not the wishes of the group to have a more scenic location? I 
thought the conversation was around if we were giving up our summer vacation, 
we would like a location like Banff or Canmore so we could have a location for 
our families to enjoy while we worked?

I am not comfortable with taking my family to Airdrie, nor being away from them 
at that point in the summer.

Is this location locked in stone?

I am curious what the rest of our team feels.

Sorry for the negativity, but did I miss a different conversation?

Pat Bohnet

On Friday, June 6, 2014, Pete MacKay <pete@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:pete@xxxxxxxxx>> 
Hi everyone,

A couple of updates since this morning...

Airdrie, Alberta is going to be the destination for the August 
Conference/Certification Boot Camp. Colin Byers, our esteemed AAMT colleague, 
will host with complete facilities at Bert Church High School. Colin will be in 
touch with the group regarding hotel options shortly so that they can be booked.

If you hadn't heard last week, I am taking a position next fall with my 
district and attendance with my new team is required on August 21/22, so I will 
be unable to attend our event. I'll help plan the event with Colin and Daryl - 
and anyone who wishes to be involved. Please let us know how you want to help.

Have a great weekend and we'll be in touch shortly with further developments!

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