[AAMT] April 29 Meeting Followup

  • From: Pete MacKay <pete@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 10:39:12 -0600

Good morning,

If you were unable to attend yesterday's meeting, you can view the recording at 
http://abed-lrc.adobeconnect.com/p5yuup7ao9g/. Thanks to Rhonda Jesson from 
Alberta Education, who presented on CTS and CTF programming. With apologies, I 
missed the record button until a few minutes in, but you can contact Rhonda if 
you have any questions about her presentation.

I'll paste the Agenda/Notes below for your review. One important area is in the 
planning for our August conference and our intention to run a Certification 
Bootcamp. There is some initial interest from Adobe, so I'll continue the 
conversation with them and Certiport/CCI about how we can make this happen. If 
anyone wants to be included in the planning and discussions for the August 
conference, please let me know asap so I can cc you.

While attending these online meetings is optional and we don't track each 
other, it is the best way to stay involved in the up-to-date conversations. For 
example there was hope we could settle on dates for August but not enough 
people were there to decide on that, so please forgive me for filling your 
inbox with yet another survey. It'll follow shortly after this email - it's the 
most efficient technique to get a consensus. Your timely responses are much 
appreciated as they help with the planning.

If you haven't registered yet for the May conference, please do so as soon as 
you can. Or email me to let me know that you are not attending so that we can 
finish the planning. The links are below.

Thanks everyone - have a great Wednesday!

Agenda/Notes for April 29 meeting

1. Alberta Education 5 Minutes 
    • CTS and CTF (Rhonda Jesson)

2. May 29-30 PD Conference
    • Roster - fill out your role info        http://bit.ly/1omtZ3K
    • Register for the May 29/30 PD Meeting    http://goo.gl/gg2ICS

    • May 29, 30; Edmonton PD Meeting; if you're Edmonton-based, please plan to 
socialize with the gang on Thursday night!
    • Days Inn on Gateway Blvd; 20 rooms (2xqueen) blocked off for us for Wed 
May 28 to Friday May 30 (2 nights). 
        - Book by May 15th. 
        - When booking, ask for the Alberta Adobe Master Teachers group,  ATA 
card req'd at check in  for $117.00/night plus taxes. 
        - Rate includes parking, breakfast and Internet.

3. Certification and Training Opportunities
    • Certiport/CCI provides 
        - ACA certifications 
        - ACE certifications 

    • Total Training has offered us all access codes for their training videos. 

4. August PD Conference (Pete)
    • August PD Meeting: Certification boot camp - the group is supportive of 
this concept. (keeping the beginners in mind too...)
    • Possible Dates: We previously spoke about August 21/22 
        - Can we agree to settle on these dates?
    • Possible Location: We need to be where there is good Internet access; 
        - where there is a high school lab(s) to facilitate breakout study 
        - Certiport proctoring of examinations
    • ACA and ACE - do we need to do an interest poll to consolidate the 
breakout study groups?
        - Exams are 50 minutes in length, so would four rounds work over two 

             Day 1:
                8:30-10:30: Study Groups
                11:00-11:50: Exam 1
                12:00-12:30: Short Lunch
                12:30-2:30: Study Groups
                3:00-3:50: Exam 2

              Day 2:
                8:30-10:30: Study Groups
                11:00-11:50: Exam 3
                12-1:30: Celebratory Lunch
                1:30-4:30: Certification for Students/Setting up a Test Centre 
at your school/district

4. Wrap up

1. Adobe Youth Voices Projects - where do we stand on these? Will we have any 
submissions this spring?

2. Have you chosen  one free ATA Specialist Council? Every ATA member gets to 
choose one no-cost membership in a specialist council of their choice. If you 
have not yet chosen one, you may want to consider joining Career & Technology 
Studies (CTS) or Education Technology Council of the ATA (ETCATA). You can pay 
a small fee to join a second or even third council.


This is the Alberta Adobe Master Teacher Listserv. It is used to effectively 
communicate with the
members of this community of practice.

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