[AAMT] April 1 Meeting Followup

  • From: Pete MacKay <pete@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 16:52:33 -0600

Wow, lots of discussion this week! It'll be great to see each other again so we 
can keep planning.  The recording to the meeting is at: 
http://abed-lrc.adobeconnect.com/p8ees44vuzd/.  Thanks, Pat and Edna for 
presenting today. Pat shared his slides on the page and you can view them in 
the recording.

I'll paste the chat below as it had some interesting ideas. and here are the 

> 1. Alberta Education 5 Minutes on the LTPF (Edna Dach)
> 2. Administrivia: Please take care of the following: (Pete)  (Links to the 
> right in the Spring 2014 Task Links Pod  =======>)
>     • Roster - fill out your role info
>        http://bit.ly/1omtZ3K
>     • PD Carousel Sessions - 5 people, 12 of 32 possible sessions so far!
>        http://bit.ly/ORQVru
>     • Total Training Access - Only 11 have asked; We have licences for 
> everyone!
>        http://bit.ly/1kXVOKT
> 3. Administrivia: Updates (Pete)
>         • May 29, 30; Edmonton PD Meeting; if you're Edmonton-based, please 
> plan to socialize with the gang on Thursday night!
>         • Days Inn on Gateway Blvd; 20 rooms (2xqueen) blocked off for us for 
> Wed May 28 to Friday May 30 (2 nights). Book by May 15th. When booking, ask 
> for the Alberta Adobe Master Teachers group. You MUST show your ATA card at 
> check in to get the rate of $117.00/night plus taxes. Rate includes parking, 
> breakfast and Internet.
>         • August PD Meeting: Certification boot camp? Need to discuss dates 
> and location.
> 4. The Flipped Classroom - How can we use Adobe to model this platform! (Pat)
> 5. Wrap up

Pete MacKay
Provincial Team Teacher
(780) 486 - 0380

Chat Transcript:
 Ron Scott [FMCSD]:What types of sessions are you looking for? Cross-curricular 
or Adobe specific?
 Edna Dach:No problem
 Sue Bell:Eric, it would be great if you would do one on Premiere!
 Éric Caron:Sure Sue, I just opened the form
 Éric Caron:Maybe on After Effects Basics too
 Sue Bell:Awesome! you have such talent it would be great if you could share 
 Sue Bell:Hi Edna!
 Sue Bell:You're on!
 Edna Dach:Hi everyone.
 Sue Bell:Did we lose Edna? 
 Colin Byers:Hi Everyone, our internet is a bit hit and miss today... so 
hopefullty this works
 Sue Bell:Hi Colin. Welcome. 
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Hi Colin! Just starting with Edna's 5 mins and moving 
on to Pat's Flipped Classroom session after that.
 Edna Dach:Thanks Pat
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Not sure what's up, Edna! Let's get Pat going to keep 
the flow and we'll come back to you....
 Éric Caron:Ys
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Yes -
 Éric Caron:Yes
 Sue Bell:yes
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:There ya go!
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):yes
 Sue Bell:Now we can see it
 Éric Caron:Yes
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Full screen
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Hit your PPT app
 Edna Dach:OK Pete, when I got kicked out that was interesting
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Howdy, Kirk!
 Éric Caron:Hi Kirk
 Sue Bell:Hi Kirk!
 Éric Caron:When they are on vacation during school time...
 Colin Byers:Agree, that's how I do it with my media arts classes
 Sue Bell:To me it sounds more like a blended environment than a flip. 
 Ron Scott [FMCSD]:This is a different version than I have heard in the past, 
makes much more sense.
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Might work well when students' families take holiday 
time outside of regular holiday schedules...
 Edna Dach:good points Pat
 Éric Caron:All I can say is that it's working for teachers I know who tried to 
flip their classroom
 Sue Bell:I agree that having students create the videos is a great idea. 
 Sue Bell:nope
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):not yet... will now.
 Éric Caron:I know it but never tried
 tim:That would be great!
 Sue Bell:That would be a good thing to have. 
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):That is a great idea for May.
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Absolutely! OR - do a Carousel!
 Sue Bell:Thanks 
 kirk:adobe captivate
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:We'll look for your submission, Pat...  :>
 Colin Byers:Not me, I'm in a mac environment... so I use keynote or camtasia, 
mostly because of the functionality it provides in regard to annotations and 
highlighting cursors and displaying keyboard shortcuts
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Really? PPT crashed on you? Strange...
 Sue Bell:It is a bit pricey, but it is really powerful too. 
 Sue Bell:@Pete  :-D
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Might work well in Ft. McM in 2015
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]::>
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):Do you know something I don't, Pete?
 Edna Dach:brown bag lunch opportunities
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:There may be some ideas to tie Adobe and Google Apps 
for Ed too...
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:@Tamarra - CTS Conference for 2015 is in Ft. McM.
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Good one, @Edna!
 Sue Bell:It would be great to have us more directly involved in providing PD 
to others in teh province. 
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):Yay
 Sue Bell:Is the presentation with the live links going to be uploaded into the 
Concourse so we can access them?
 Sue Bell:yes
 Sue Bell:and any presentations we create 
 Éric Caron:I have to go pick up my son at his bus stop.  Will be back!
 Sue Bell:That would be great. It has a lot of links so it would be nice to be 
able to check them out. 
 Sue Bell:That is great Pete. Having no folder structure was getting a bit 
 Sue Bell:Good idea. 
 Sue Bell:THanks Pat. 
 Edna Dach:no sorry not me
 kirk:not me. 
 Colin Byers:Yes
 Sue Bell:afraid not. too much else going on. 
 Edna Dach:Thanks Pat enjoyed the presentation
 Colin Byers:Ok, I'm presenting on Friday
 Tannis:Thanks, Pat
 tim:Thanks Pat
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Can you guys mute your mics, please? Thx!
 Sue Bell:Can you speak a bit about how you see the AAMT group supporting the 
implementation of the LTPF? 
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:I see the group working well with the PL column, as 
well as the Leadership one - leading to an effect on Student-Centered 
Learning...  ??
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:There are ties to the AAMT Goals Document as well...
 Pete MacKay 
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:Have to take a call...
 Sue Bell:Tannis and I have been talking about how we can more effectively work 
to support all teachers in the province with using the Adobe tools to support 
learning in their classrooms, 
 Sue Bell:If we were able to start putting together some specific examples of 
how these tools support different content areas and learining objectives for 
various grades. 
 Sue Bell:If we created these exemplars and shared them in a way that they 
could be more broadly accessible, that might be more impactful than us each 
just doing our own things. 
 Sue Bell:Absolutely! 
 Sue Bell:and unless we can find ways to help people see it as less scary and 
more exciting/usable, we are not going to get thhe uptake  levels we need to 
get a renewal of the contract at the end ofnnext year. 
 Colin Byers:I think that's a great idea Sue, but the issue I think is finding 
the time to do it. For those of us with full teaching assignments it's not 
always easy to create additional content without be afforded the PD/release 
time to do so.
 Sue Bell:Oh I agree, when we don't have time in our assigned day, it is really 
difficult to do this. 
 Sue Bell:However, we could use some of our Tuesday sessions and our Adobe Cafe 
idea in addition to the carousels to start making this happen.
 Pete MacKay [2Learn.ca]:The meeting schedule is filling up very quickly too! I 
wonder if we need to just slot in some other times to address these needs.
 Pat:Absolutely Sue
 Sue Bell:I think Tannis and I would like to propose at least two sessions in 
May to do just that.
 Sue Bell:Would that appeal to others?
 Colin Byers:Yup
 Pat:An item that you could be at our May dates Edna?  A conversation to 
continue this?
 Edna Dach:I will try to be there for some time on the dates
 Pat:Pete do you have a link to the smaller version as a discussion piece?
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):If we are considering continuing our committment for 
next year, do we need to consider adding an extra face-to-face session, and may 
be consider making one session for collaborative planning to create lessons 
that  might work in different areas?
 Edna Dach:sure we will work on that
 Colin Byers:I like Tamarra's idea!
 Ron Scott [FMCSD]:Good point Tamarra
 Sue Bell:I like the sounds of that Tamarra, assuming we agree that we are all 
going forward next eyar. 
 Sue Bell:I mean year.  :)
 Colin Byers:I have to run Pete, see you at the CTS conference.
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):But I think the collaboration needs to be more in 
person. I think sometimes collaboration to create lessons is tough on-line.
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):Yep
 Tannis:I agree with the time to create when we are all together
 Sue Bell:I agree. Face to Face is better, but could we use google hangouts or 
something like that to do some virtual face to face in small groups? 
 Tannis:Create artifacts for use in supporting educators in the use of Adobe in 
their contexts
 Sue Bell:Right on Tannis!
 Sue Bell:The cost of face to face is just so high that we should take as much 
advantage of the time we do have face-to-face to do some of that collaborative 
 Sue Bell:We really haven't done much of that so far. 
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):Is it worth deciding what Adobe program would be easiest 
to start implementing in classes, and maybe try to start something... ex: if we 
decide that it is Photoshop, arrange to have a couple people to bring camera to 
start getting photos or such.
 Tannis:I agree, Sue
 Éric Caron:I agree too
 Edna Dach:The quick LTPF guide is here:
 Edna Dach:http://education.alberta.ca/media/7792669/ltpf-quick-guide-web.pdf
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):AVY is great for media arts, but I started working with 
a grade 9 class and we are finding it more difficult.
 Sue Bell:@Tamarra, it would be great to have a few people working on each of a 
number of applications and to start creating examples. 
 Éric Caron:I will probably propose a workshop about how to start a school 
WebTV broadcast using Adobe tools, something that involve all students, 
extra-curricular and in-class
 Sue Bell:It probably makes sense to have some sort of interest indicator so 
that no one is putting time into developing a session that no one attends 
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):No hurt feeling, put them put there. It would be nice to 
try to work around those that get selected and try to ensure they can still go 
to a session that will help them out too.
 Edna Dach:I agree with Sue
 tim:Agree with Edna and Sue!
 Tannis:Sounds good
 Sue Bell:Agreed. Go for it. 
 Sue Bell:Thanks for leading us again Pete!
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):Excellent. Thank you to today's presenters.
 tim:Nice work Pete!
 Edna Dach:thanks Pete, nice to know that we can use this room
 tim:That will be good.
 Tannis:thank you
 Sue Bell:Can I book the room for the 22 and 24th of April? I have a meeting I 
woudl like to use COnnect for
 kirk:thanks, pete. 
 Éric Caron:Thanks Pat and Pete
 Pat:Your welcome!
 Edna Dach:good, thanks all nice chatting wth you all
 Sue Bell:Perfect. Thanks Pete. Will do. 
 Tamarra Price (FMCSD):Have a good evening everyone.
 Sue Bell:Bye all! Take good care. 
 Pat:Thanks everyone!  Go Oilers tonight!
 Edna Dach:bye all
 tim:Good night!
 Éric Caron:Bye!--
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