[AAMT] Alberta Adobe Master Teachers 2014 - 2015

  • From: Daryl Jones <daryl@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: aamt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 16:46:10 -0600

Welcome everyone to another year of the AAMT Community of Practice (COP)
group. As we begin our third year of the AAMT COP we would like to remind
everyone of our goals:

Participants in the AAMT Community of Practice will:


   be agents in promoting transformational change with innovative and best

   explore and share the impact on students and their ability to use these
   Adobe products effectively in learning.

   actively participate and contribute to the AAMT Community of Practice.

To meet these goals, we will provide a number of engaging opportunities for


   We will be continuing our Adobe Connect meetings once a month from 4:00
   to 4:45 p.m.  The format of these sessions will focus on sharing how
   Adobe tools are being used and the impact these tools are having on
   students in classrooms. We would like you to share stories from the
   classroom and your school of how these tools are leading to
   transformational change.  As a Community of Practice we will have everyone
   within the project sign up for a date to share your experiences. This will
   allow us to structure the sharing, enabling all of us to learn how the
   tools are being used in a variety of grade levels and how we are reaching
   beyond our classroom walls.  Our meeting dates will be on Tuesday for
   each month with the exception of our *first meeting* which will be held
   on *Monday October 27th.*

October 27th,

November 25th,

December 9th,

January 27th,

February 24th,

March 24th,

April 21st

May 12th.


   Please visit the link below to sign up of our Adobe Connect sessions. We
   will have 4 presenters for each session.  http://goo.gl/jbHo6f

Adobe Connect Meeting Session Dates and Sign up <http://goo.gl/jbHo6f>


   A Google+ community page has been created where we can share ideas, post
   questions,, resources and other strategies using Adobe tools in the
   classroom  that will help all of us as agents of change. You will *receive
   an invitation *to our AAMT Google+ community page. *Please accept the
   invitation to join the community*.

Daryl Jones
Provincial Team Teacher
2Learn.ca Education Society
Suite 210, 15120 - 104 Ave.
780.486 0380 office
780.486.0404 fax

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