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After school appeals to me as well but, just to help clarify, when we talk 
"right after school" for some people that means 3:15, while for others it means 
4:15. If we were to have the sessions at 4:30 would that enable more people to 

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I would only be available after school.  Mornings are tough.

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Hi Everyone,

One of the main topics discussed this morning was having an "Adobe Café"
where people would meet and exchange not only ideas and resources but
give tips when people are stuck or don't know how to use certain tools.
There would be a different facilitator each time and the topics would be
different according to people's needs and interest. We could also have
mini pds on certain topics if needed.

Could you please respond to let us know when would be the best time for
you to have this café (morning, after school, evening, weekend, etc)?

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