[AAMT] AAMT 21 January Meeting Followup

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 10:53:45 -0700

21 January 2014 AAMT Meeting Recording

1. (Barb and Sue) Certification Discussion with Certiport/Pearson/CCI

NLSD and CBE looking into certifications for staff/students
expired exam vouchers issue (David Watkins from Certiport is looking into 
Certiport v. CCI? (Schools and districts can use whomever they wish)
Certiport = Pearson
Certification for Staff; Certification for Students; Certification for AAMT 
Bulk opportunities if we can coordinate a large purchase of licences?

ACTION ITEM: Survey the AE/Adobe Districts/Schools for interest in coordinating 
a purchase:

Wendy Royer - Pat will contact;  cc= Tim; Pete; Sue Bell; salima; Sue Reilly
Summarize Benefits of Certification (Sue and Pete?)
Question: TOTAL TRAINING - Rob Bell; include in some sort of provincial 

2. (Pete) check-in with AYV Plans - networking, collaborating, sharing, general 

is anyone planning an AYV - related project?
Len - coding/Flash http://www.codecademy.com/ 
Feb 4 meeting (Sue will lead this meeting to facilitate a tour of the AYV site 
and what the next concrete steps will be.)

3. (Pete) TheConcourse.ca

ACTION ITEM: ASAP See the list in the other pod. If your name is there, then 
you are not getting access to the AAMT group in TheConcourse.ca

Cindy Bjorklund
Daniel Espejo
Danny Maas
Darrell  Laidlaw
David Martin
Edna Dach
Irfan Qureshi
Janet Gregory
Karen Shipka
Ken Pon
Kris Reid
Mark Boschee
Nicole Cross
Ralph Luedtke
Ray Hemmingway
Tamarra Price
Tara Younggren
Warren Foley

4. (Pete) Sheri Seybold's Question       sheri@xxxxxxxxxxxx 

"Are there any cool in-class or cross curricular projects that you know of 
using Adobe solutions? It would be great to learn more about them, which Adobe 
solutions were used, connect with the teacher, etc. It would also be great to 
get a middle (jr.high) school one if that is possible. Ideally, I’d like to 
connect with 2-3 teachers at different schools that have projects going using 
Adobe solutions."

Sheri works for Big Sky Communications and is hoping on behalf of Adobe to 
prepare a written success story on Alberta Education, the master teachers, and 
class projects. The story would be posted on Adobe.com and we would share the 
final PDF and link with you for your needs as well. 

Pete already suggested: (just an off-the-top-of-his-head answer...)

Scott MacDonald / Lakeland Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 150
Kevin Crawford / Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 3
Tamarra Price / Fort McMurray Roman Catholic Separate School District

ACTION ITEM: ASAP Please contact Sheri sheri@xxxxxxxxxxxx  if you'd like to 
share with her any cool projects that your students are doing.

 5. Other Business/Discussion?
TheConcourse.ca - sharing work, files, etc...  (Ken: have 'pd' members help 
upload projects as teachers can be too busy)

ACTION ITEM: BY FEB 4 Send Pete your introduction activity files from Thursday, 
Dec 12 for posting. Include any relevant writeups, etc.
ACTION ITEM: BY FEB 4 Send Pete, Daryl, Pat, Ken or Wanda your projects or 
files to upload for you. Include any pertinent writeups, etc.
Adobe v. Chromebooks (giving access to students; AAMT members who are using 
Chromebooks in class, etc.)

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