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it's been a while since we last met but I thought i'd break the silence. I'm preparing an access to work assessment report. Can anyone give me quote for LunarPlus training the person is Tunbridge wells.

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On 4 Sep 2008, at 17:51, Steve Dryden wrote:

OK Peter, hows this.

Adaptive Technology Solutions
Steve Hyde-Dryden
Accredited Jaws Trainer
Provides training in Jaws, Supernova, Zoomtext, Kurzweil, Duxbury, Talks, V Stream etc. Also in low cost adaptive solutions such as Guide. Experienced in Technical Assessments for Education and ATW. Also experienced in group training and Assistive Project Management.
Call 0781 7977704

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Hi Patrick and All,

There might be two different tasks here:

What I had in mind for our own use was a very simple straightforward list of what we can train on, and/or sell. I was hoping for everybody to write those lists, and I'd file the messages and once I had all details compile a complete list to re- circulate and keep up-to-date.

What we're getting so far is a cross between a CV and a website, and this sort of task might be more easily achieved by simply having links on the A2T site to each of our own sites.

So, if people still think the list is a good idea, mine, as an example would go like this:

General apps with JAWS or Window-Eyes, Guide, BrailleNote, BrailleSense, Audio editing, e.g. Soundforge, Music production, e.g. Sonar/Caketalking. Music transcription and editing, e.g. Sibelius Speaking and GoodFeel, other adaptive products on demand such as phones with Talks, Victor Reader and so-on.

If people still think this is worth doing, then please just send to the list and I'll put it together once I have all replies.

If not, then all thoughts welcome as ever.



At 10:44 AM 9/3/2008, you wrote:
After some brilliant holidays in Greece, I'm now ready for the next stage of getting A2T.biz going.

There has only been a meagre response from you all re your skills.

If we are going to setup a truly effective network using our web site we need you all to send in your details on what you can do, what you can sell and where you want to operate. This would only be a start, so let's have your resumees.

Patrick Adams

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