[a2t] BBACT Conference and an opportunity to do some an Excel training

  • From: "Penny Hefferan" <penny@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <a2t@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 19:01:58 -0000

Hi all,

As you should all be aware, BBACT is holding it's annual conference this
March in Coventry and I know that one or two of you are planning to come.
However, I haven't heard from many members of this group and am attaching a
file with further details of conference in the hope that you decide to come.
Having spoken with Patrick, I will be timetabling in a specific opportunity
for a2t members to meet so the more that attend, the more use the time can

In addition to the information within the document, I would like to let you
know about two opportunities.

1.  During conference, there will be an opportunity for business owners to
display small retail items such as mobile phones, talking diaries, hand-held
magnifiers, specific software  etc.  It won't be possible to display large
items such as computers or CCTVs due to limited space.   I am also hoping to
have some displays of non-electronic products as well.  Anyone who books a
full conference place will have within their fee, the opportunity to display
products they sell and any VI business owner wishing to come a-long on the
Saturday to show products is also invited to do so for a £50 fee.

2.  Training in financial record keeping.
I am hoping that one of the things that will come from conference is an
interest from some individuals in being trained to keep their own financial
accounts in a format which is easy for them but also suitable  for their
accountant/Inland Revenue submissions.  I am looking for someone with
relevant experience to potentially deliver this training and whilst I can't
say how much work it will provide, I do hope that there will be enough
interest to make it worth someone's while.

If you are interested in any of the above, do please get in touch.

Regards and thanks,


Penny Hefferan
BBACT Projects and Administration Manager
E-mail: penny@xxxxxxxxxxxx
BBACT Telephone help-line: 0845 0450696
BBACT web-site: www.bbact.org.uk

The Blind Business Association Charitable Trust (BBACT) is a national
charity providing positive and tangible support and encouragement to
individuals who are either starting up or have already established their own
business.  Through advice, buddying with a business partner, seminars,
conferences, need-orientated projects and a small grants fund, it aims to
maximise the potential for long-term business success by utilising the
wide-range of experience and knowledge of it?s partners and users.

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