[ECE 453] Re: Updates

  • From: "Ken Knox" <kknox@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 453_all@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 15:12:35 -0500 (EST)

Great news! Are we currently able to connect to nodes through the command

So I assume the code was developed in a Linux environment and now we're
porting to XP? (Is this what you meant by porting image passing to XP?)

The problem with the fixed camera acrylic collecting water spots:

I saw online where people create exterior webcam enclosures by using
polycarbonate screens. I even saw where one person used the plastic wrap
from a free AOL CD case. Maybe we can simply apply some on top of the
acrylic without having to do any cutting?

Also, has the node with the power issue been resolved?

Good work all,

Kenneth Knox
Senior, Computer Engineering
Clemson University

> Hey all,
> Here's what's been going down in the life of networking:
> Gateway is up & powered on Jervey Athletic Center! New splitter came in,
> worked like a charm.
> Mounting of the last two nodes (one of ours and one of Dr. Birchfield's)
> is scheduled to happen tomorrow. I don't know what time though.
> Image passing works, up to ~50KB. Largest image we successfully passed was
> 48.2 KB or something like that. However, David Busch said on average he
> was passing things around 26-27 KB, so we should be fine there.
> Next big step - porting to XP. We are working on this.
> End result - aiming for 100% API done by early next week. (Man I feel like
> I've been saying this all semester.......)
> If you have any questions or complaints - ask/tell Logen. He's our
> uberLeader. haha
> ----------------------------------------------
> On a completely separate note, the Clemson Steel Drum Band is giving a
> free performance tonight at 8PM in Brooks 112 (Band/Orchestra room). (I'm
> in the band, and this'll be the only chance for you to see me in a
> Hawaiian shirt...). The concert will be short and sweet -  around 30min -
> so yeah. You should come out!
> ----------------------------------------------
> Ben Garrison

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