[3rdlightning] Additional Notes for AR Exam (UNCLASSIFIED)

  • From: "Coleman, Geoffrey C 2LT MIL USA NGB" <geoff.coleman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 09:46:39 -0400

 In addition to what was sent out by LT Gallarita, the following are things CPT 
Blair mentioned not on the Study guide:
- Know when to use the specific movement techniques and formations (I.e. 
contact is likely, thick terrain, etc.)
- Breaching operations (3 types of forces (Support force, assault force, breach 
force), SOSRA)
- Characteristics of Offensive and Defensive operations (Purpose, SCAT (for 
offensive), Method, Types, etc.)
- When writing a paragraph 4, break the whole thing down to a your PLT level
- When creating your phases, use engagement ranges of your / your enemy's 
weapon systems as your trigger and disengagement lines
- Include everything needed you would put in your side info. on your phase 
- For naming Support / Attack by fire locations, use "ABF/ SBF (NAME)" 
- Know your fire commands
- Know the techniques for Cordon & Search (2 types (Sequential, Simultaneous) 4 
elements involved (HQ, Security, Inner and Outer Support), 5 methods for 
establishing outer cordon (Sniper, TCP, Blocking Position, Patrol, LP/OP)
- 2LT Coleman

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