[30daysv3] Day 30 - Day 30!!!!

  • From: Kristofer Bergstrom <kris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 30daysV3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 07:08:19 -0700

Well, here we are... the final day of 30 Days to Better Shime!

Please read on!

Yes you - who hasn't finished the program yet!

I strongly encourage you to take the test today, even if you haven't
completed the program (and I know very few of you have).  You can do
the final test again later, when you've actually finished the full 30
days.  First let me back up a bit...

As I said in the workbook on day 1, I have mixed feelings about these
types of tests.  On the one hand, tests are extremely valuable for
quantifying progress.  Improvement comes in tiny, incremental chunks
and it can be very difficult to feel like we're getting better.  By
comparing our current selves to ourselves long ago, occasional tests
can reveal improvement.

On the other hand, tests of speed and dexterity are imprecise, and can
often miss our improvement.  If you did a total of four days of the
program, for example, you likely improved your max speed by a small
amount, but it probably won't show in this test, which measures in
multiple-bpm increments.

But that's the kicker... for players of different experience levels, I
don't know how many days it takes for the tests to show improvement.
These tests are hard to design and I need your feedback!

For different people, of different experience levels, the program's
test results vary dramatically.  For some participants (usually
beginning players), I've seen dramatic score increases in only three
or four days.
 For a few others, the test isn't quite fine-grained enough to always
show progress.  I don't expect to see any improvement in my personal
scores, for example.  As someone who has been working on this stuff
for a number of years now, 30 practice days is probably not enough to
give me an 8 bpm increase... that will take another 12 months or so.
So designing these tests is tricky, and data from you guys helps me
strike the most helpful balance for the community.


1) your shime experience prior to the program
   BEGINNING - limited shime playing at group practice, no personal practice
   INTERMEDIATE - occasional shime playing with group, some personal practice
   ADVANCED - frequent shime playing with group, frequent personal practice

2) how many days you've completed thus far (anything greater than one is okay!)

3) beginning and ending test scores

This is a great taiko experiment.  I've created this program with the
hope of helping us to better understand these kinds of things.  I
don't want money.  I don't want fame.  I want to know your test
scores.  Help me improve the program!  Please do the test!  Do it for


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