[30daysv3] Day 23 - Are you in the 95th percentile?

  • From: Kristofer Bergstrom <kris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 30daysV3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 06:02:13 -0700

My estimate is that 95 percent of you have fallen behind in the
program.  Why?  Because completing 30 days of consecutive practice is
a monumental achievement.  It requires a ton of diligence to stay on
track through a whole month of motivational ups and downs.  And it
requires a ton of luck to avoid unforeseen circumstances that move our
priorities away from taiko.  The problem with the 30 Days program is
that once people are forced to miss a day or two (or ten), it's harder
than ever to get going again.  You tell yourself, "I'll get caught up
next weekend..." or "I'll complete the program at my own pace..."  But
for 95 percent of that 95 percent of you, you're making life harder
for yourself.

We've got about one more week of me pestering you to practice.  After
that, you're on your own.  If you finish 8 days, for example, you've
got 22 to do by yourself and I'll tell you now, the odds are against
you.  If you only finish 8 during the program -- with the daily
reminders, others practicing around you, the open arena for questions
-- doing 22 on your own is a daunting challenge.

A week from now, will you feel better about yourself for having
finished 8 days, or 15 days?  Most of you can double your completion
rate by jumping back in today and going strong to the end.  And the
cool thing is... Day 23 is the perfect day to do that.

Today we'll work on a new 1234 variation.  If you're not yet
comfortable with the 1234 drill, no worries, do the last exercise on
day 16 instead.  Then we begin some creative work, as you start down
the path to creating your own base-beat.  This is one of the most
important challenges of the 30 Days program, and it starts today.
Take 17 minutes, right now, and put yourself in position to finish out
the program in style.  You've already spent 3 minutes reading this,
you've got the time.  Practice!


PS - Practice!
PPS - Practice!

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