[30days_round4] Time flies when you're having fun

  • From: Kristofer Bergstrom <kris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 30days_round4@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 00:28:09 -0800

First of all, congratulations to everyone for taking on the 30 Days to
Better Shime challenge!  I hope you found some part of the program
useful and I hope you've improved a bit.  If you practiced more than
you would have without the program, I consider it a success.  And from
what I've heard from many of you, some of you practiced a lot!

And that's despite my diminished contact!  My apologies that I've been
out of touch so long.  On Ensemble's tour was really crazy toward the
end of January.  I was trying hard to finish a video of the 1234 drill
but it turned into a larger project than I'd been planning.  I kept
thinking, "I'll finish the video tomorrow and send a check-in email
then!"  And here we are...

So my lesson learned: don't make progress dependent on difficult tasks.

I hope you learned something about your practice habits and had fun
doing the program.  This will be my last email to the list as a whole
but please feel free to contact me.  kris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  310-350-8825
 You are all welcome to visit and practice with me in LA anytime.  I
get together with friends on a daily basis to practice anything and
everything taiko.  And anyone who takes up the 30 Days challenge is a
friend of mine, so don't hesitate!

Congratulations again and see you at Taiko Conference!


ps - I'll post the 1234 video at OnEnsemble.org when it's finally
ready.  Happy practicing!

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