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Inoltro una iniziativa segnalata da Dario Cavedon, opportunità interessante
per gli studenti (anche fuori del Trentino Alto Adige).

Qui per registrarsi

In sintesi:
borsa di studio per una scuola estiva aperta ad una selezione di
studenti 17/18 di tutte le parti del mondo orientata a informatica e
ricerca facendo uso di software libero

Qui avevo scritto qualcosa

Segue copia/incolla della presentazione del progetto di questa edizione

WebValley is the FBK summer school for dissemination of
interdisciplinary research: almost 250 students (17-18y old) have
attended the WebValley camps since its first edition in 2001.
WebValley started as a regional initiative for high school students
from Trentino Alto-Adige S=FCdTirol, and it is now an opportunity for
national and international students to experiment scientific research.

Fellowships will include full tuition, accommodation and travel costs.
Thanks to cofounding by collaborating institutions, for the 2013
edition, 18 fellowships are available for students from: 7 Trentino
and AltoAdige-S=FCdTirol, 4 National (3 co-funding PLS - National
Program for Mathematics and Science Education and 1 co-funding FAST -
Federation of the Scientific and Technical Associations, Italy), 7
International (co-funding: FBK Trustees Board)
Find here more info for our Intel ISEF finalists FBK Grant Awards.

The requirements to participate are: High School student (for Italy:
4th year completed), adequate knowledge of English, enthusiasm in
science and new technologies, above-average school records, student=92s
motivation and teacher=92s recommendation letters.

    The 2013 project: 3D nanoWebGIS interface and complex networks for
molecular medicine data. The aim of WebValley 2013 is designing a
novel web tool for studying change in cells (e.g. in morphogenesis or
in disease) from different points of view and in interdisciplinary
teams. We aim to extend the nanoWebGIS system for shared studies on
bioimages with an interface for 3D spatial structure investigation and
a whole new module for complex networks analysis. The project shall
integrate mathematical and biological aspects, with the opportunity of
working on original data from collaborating international labs.
Technology will be the backbone of the project: the team will combine
different open source software tools and propose new ways of
interacting with data on non-standard devices such as smart TV

The WebValley formula: Create a team of enthusiast and motivated high
school students (18 y) tutored by researchers.

    The team accepts a challenge by a collaborating scientist from
Ecology, Biology or Social Sciences and develops in three weeks a new
web-based prototype for data analysis and management.
    Students are introduced to Open Source software solutions
(scientific programming, web interfaces, database, GIS and data
analysis); they discuss, design and develop the new system interacting
with scientists. They learn to select tools, organize their own
workplan, and respond with a new solution to a problem of ethical
interest. A working prototype web solution and technical results are
presented at the end of the three week period.
    The project activities are developed mostly in teamwork as in a
true research environment, that is informal and of high quality in
resources, competence and organization. Each student can differently
contribute to project with ideas, software code or data preparation,
design of new web interfaces, project presentation.
    The location: the school is held in a high-tech lab located in a
small Alpine village, to demonstrate that web access may support new
types of innovative actions also in remote areas, combining new
technologies and high-quality of life in a natural environment.(Lab is
open all day, but group activities and leisure time are also part of
the three weeks
Maurizio "Napo" Napolitano

Mattia Migliorini

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