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I don't know what all the different companies call these viruses anymore, I
wish someone would force a standard on them.  From what I can find, this one
is a variant of the Netsky virus.  In any case it is a spoofing type of
virus.  Any notifications you get that you are the one infected are probably
coming from someone else.  If you are doing at least weekly scans of your
system and keeping your virus definition files current you should just
delete them.  It also does not hurt to do an occassional scan from a web
based virus scan like Trend, McAfee, Panda and others offer.




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worm.somefool.gen-1 is a variant of mydoom. I just ran a freeware McAfee
checker called Stinger that lists several variants of mydoom, although not
the above by specific name, and it found nothing.

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