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Thank you. I think I may look instead for something like maybe a five-button 
mouse later on. Actually, I'm very partial to old-fashioned ball mice, which 
don't come with a lot of options. 

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Not a dumb question. I don't think there is such a thing :)

A hat switch is similar to a joystick in function, but instead of a stick it 
consists of a round button-like control (the "hat") that sits on top of a 
joystick style switch. Usually, you control the direction the hat switch is 
pointing by your thumb. They are often used in flight simulation games, for 
example, where the joystick controls the direction of flight and the hat 
switch controls aiming of weapons etc. If you don't know what you're looking 
at, a hat switch can easily be mistaken for a simple button. Typically, 
buttons have a depression in the middle to accomodate a fingertip, while hat 
switches are raised to give more leverage and tactile feedback to the 
thumb/finger controlling them.

Hope that helps.


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