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Well, I'm not a fan of Norton so I can't help much with problems caused by
it.  My first suggestion is to get rid of it and get the system working
properly without it, using the recycle bin that is part of Windows.  But
then, I'm biased against Norton System Works.  As for the virus portion of
the problem, is AVG identifying DC332 as an infected file?  Is there a file
extension with it?  What is the name of the virus it assigns to it?  A
Google search for DC332 only gives hits on a Chinese Digital Camera DC332,
and a Xerox Fax/Copier model DC332.  I see no relationship with DC332 to a
virus or spyware.





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Virus is still in trash bin.
Cannot be seen.
Attempts to empty trash are met with 'cannot delete DC332'.
Because of Norton System Works, cannot find Trash Bin in DOS.
Free AVG finds virus but cannot delete.
QUESTION: can paid AVG delete this virus?
Other comments or suggestions please?

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