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I checked with the computer store today, all I need to get is a usb 2.0 pci
card. The cost is only 30.00. This is what I am going to do.

I bought the 40 gb external hard drive 2 days ago, even at usb 1.1 speed it
is fantastic. I wish I had done this years ago. It is so much easier and
faster than messing around with disks and programs like creator.

Thanks to all who responded to my question, this support group is


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> >I have windows xp home edition. I added a 2nd hard drive usb 2.0 external
> >hard drive.
> >
> >My usb slots are apparently usb 1.0 speed.
> >
> >How do I download drivers fron windows to make these ports usb 2.0 speed?
> You can't download drivers to change USB1 to USB2, you must have USB2=
>  hardware.
> I believe you can buy USB2 cards which plug into a free PCI slot (like a=
>  modem or other card) that will provide USB2 ports.
> HTH,
> Ron

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