[24hoursupport] update on computer not networking

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  • Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 00:33:31 +0200 (CEST)

Some months (!) ago I posted a question about my old pentium 60 that wa=
s on a LAN, (coax) Solution: bought a new PCI card. All the other cards=
 in our possesion appreared to have "passed away". 
It's working now and all the teens overhere can Kazaa and chat happily =
away without overloading my (business)machine or spoiling my settings. 
Had severe problems installing Norton 2000 on WIN95B platform. Never se=
en a p60 that slow, 286 performance. Replaced it by AVG, Grisoft anti-v=
irus. Hope it is any good. 
I had Kazaa installed for "the Kids", then I remembered the spyware....=
..Of with that, Adaware installed to get rid of the crap. Kazaalite doe=
snot work with W95b, not even with updated Winsock2. Found Kazaacydoor.=
exe, reinstalled the original Kazaa and had the cydoor *.dll replaced b=
y a dummy. Adaware (5.83) detects no more spyware and it works like a c=

Only one thingy: I lost my soundcard in the process. It is really physi=
cally absent: one of the helping hands that were to resolve the prob of=
 the non funcional NIC took it out 'cause it might conflict.... I fear =
it went the fame-less way of the broken NIC's alltogether. :.((
See you next problem,
Aunt Agatha

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