[24hoursupport] Re: transferring files from old to new computer

  • From: "Sin" <DanOzuna@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 21:47:50 -0700

I'm sending this again as it appears that not all my messages are going through.

I'm not sure why the serial connection didn't work, but I've heard of
friends that have had problems trying this method. With USB 1.0 on your box
you probably wouldn't want to go that route anyway. It would be pretty slow
because of your old machines version. You could buy a USB 2.0 card for your
old box, but why go to that extra expense. That would be in addition to the
new USB cable you would have to buy.

When you say "executables" are you referring to programs you have downloaded
or are you talking about software that is installed on the old drive? If you
are talking about *.EXE files you have downloaded then yes you can. If not,
no you can't transfer installed programs for the reasons Spider mentioned.
You shouldn't have any conflicts transferring files between the 2 drives. I
would copy them over to the new drive just in case. Are all the files you
have backed up on the floppies and the zip discs still on your Win 98 hard
drive? If so, while you have that hard drive in the new machine you might
want to back up the old drive's files to CD's. That way they will be on much
more reliable and accessible media. Good luck.

have a good one,


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