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[dataminer] pops up in either my AdAware6 or Spybot Search &Destroy scans
nowand then, I forget which one usually finds it. Install, update, and run
one and then the other type of scan to clean it out. You'll probably find
other spyware also.

You can also install and update Spyware Blaster, which prevents many spyware
from installing in the first place, but only with certain browsers like IE
orFirefox but I think not Netscape which is why I quit using that.


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here is a tech question a friend sent to me, i suggested u= sing
ad-aware, or spybot. what are your suggestions?:

in windows = xp,there's a file called IECache.bckp,it's
in C:\documents and settings(= my own name)

inside this file,from a log,says is a tracking
cooki= e:catagory Data Miner Cookie:(birth
name)@bluestreak.com is 141 bytes h= as
birthname@bluestreak[2].txt last activity 11-1-2004 at
1820 AM
want to open the file to get that cookie,no idea who
or what created= this file.

the file extension database msn sent me to,doesn't
ha= ve this extension <>.bckp

any ideas, or URLs?

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