[24hoursupport] system freeze & crash (win98)

  • From: Frank <gno52@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 11:45:24 -0400

Windows 98
When logging off Yahoo chat group my system froze (cursor arrow and
hourglass icon showing). cursor & hourglass remained no matter what I
did..even con/alt/delete & hitting end task button would not get
response.  Only way I could stop it was to press physical button on my
housing case to reboot.  Even with rebooting the cursor arrow &
hourglass still on screen once complete window screen was visible.
In other words I could not reboot; I even tried cold reboot.  Only way
was to boot into safe mode which was successful.  Did a windows system
maintenance & it did some repair which fixed the problem, whatever it
was, Out of curiosity I ran msconfig and discovered a new entry to the
startup menu; new item  was called GREMLIN and was location was given
as c:\windows\system\intrenat.exe
What is intrenat.exe (this is not a typo...it is not internet.exe)?
GREMLIN was checked , so I unchecked it & rebooted with no prob.
Although unchecked, it is still on the startup menu.
What was and is this all about? =20
In addition to av I have spotbot software and Zone Alarm firewall on
my machine.
Thanks in advance for your remarks,
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