[24hoursupport] Re: strange email pop3 behavior

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 18:54:41 -0600


At last resort you might want to try upgrading to IE6 . Maybe it's a problem
with a corrupt or missing file or registry entry in the current IE 5 that
would get fixed with a new version. Maybe even try Mozilla 3 instead of
Netscape 4. (I'd say Netscape 7 but I have read so much both negative and
positive about Netscape 7 it's not something I'd suggest. <G>)

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Subject: [ok] [24hoursupport] strange email pop3 behavior

> Her email smtp server works fine, but the pop3 server settings keep
> being reset to localhost whenever the computer is turned off completely.
> This means she can send email without problems; she just cannot receive
> email until the pop settings are reset. I have set the pop settings in
> netscape, and IE5. I searched the registry for localhost to make sure
> the settings pointed to the right place.


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