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The localhost is coming from PC-cillin.  The email scan has been turned
on.  One thing about PC-cillin is that sometimes the mailscan works
fine, and other times it causes problems and won't work.  In those cases
I recommend turning it off.  As long as the pattern file is being
updated and real time scan is left on, the mail scan is not that
critical.  I'm not sure what version of pc-cillin is being used so I
can't give you the mouse clicks to turn it off, but it is in the
settings.  You don't really need to do the following, but if you want to
you can also go into the run key of the registry and remove the pop3scan
and the webtrap.  These modules are always running even when you turn
the features off in pc-cillin.  


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Hi, folks. I've been helping an elderly client of mine--80yrs+--set up
and maintain her new computer. The computer has a Duron processor,
win98se, netscape 4.79, 128Mb ram, Ontrack system works, pccillin. This
is the problem:

Her email smtp server works fine, but the pop3 server settings keep
being reset to localhost whenever the computer is turned off completely.
This means she can send email without problems; she just cannot receive
email until the pop settings are reset. I have set the pop settings in
netscape, and IE5. I searched the registry for localhost to make sure
the settings pointed to the right place. I'm not at her machine at this
moment, but looking at my own, I can't see what else to check. I've
found no settings (on my machine) for the pop server in win.ini or
system.ini. Hidden somewhere there must be a setting that always changes
the pop server when the computer is turned off. Any ideas? I should say
that her computer had been working fine until a family member came from
overseas and used it. My client could give no further info. Thanks -- d

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