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  • Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 09:23:30 -0400

Good morning Sarah

I don't think spider or anyone else has answered this,  if they have I=
 apologize for the duplication.

Occasionally Yahoogroups does go through and delete groups, However only=
 groups that have less then (I believe) 3 members  and/or groups that have=
 been inactive for 90 days.   When yahoogroups is going to do this they=
 generally give warning to the listowner that the situation must be changed=
 within 15 days.   All it takes is One post by anyone (a test post by the=
 owner) to reset the possible deletion and then the group is fine until the=
 next time yahoogroups does a clean up.

I hope that helps


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On 4/21/02 at 4:28 PM 1astrosfan wrote:

>Spider, Just a question, Does yahoo delete groups that are not active
>heard they do)?  If they do, maybe you should post test messages every so
>often so that they will see the group as active and not delete it.  I have
>heard that they delete non-active groups and to lose the archives would be

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