[24hoursupport] Re: reinstalling Sound Blaster?

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  • Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:41:13 -0800

Hi Roland,
depending on the make of the problem hard drive you may have to use a drive
formatting tool on it.
here are the links to a couple of brands;
look for maxblast

I don't think PM5 will allow you to move the OS from one hard drive to
another and keep the Master Boot Record in tact

You would need Drive Copy or other similar product.

I hope this helps.
BTW what operating system?

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On 30/10/2003 at 3:21 PM yyixi001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have a challenging question that is baffling me. We have the Creative
SBLive Platinum Sound Blaster sound card. It was installed and worked
perfectly two or three years ago. It has been through hard drive
upgrades of copying all data to another hard drive several times. Then
it had some problems develop slowly, one at a time. Finally, I went to
reinstall, and it would not reinstall, or uninstall, and could not be

I now have two or three extra hard drives to play with. I took one that
had been my earlier Primary HD, and had these files goofed up on it
also, and it would not uninstall or reinstall, but it would not matter
if I messed up that HD trying. So I searched for and deleted every
visible trace of all files. Then I tried to reinstall. It normally asks
for the serial number, but it already had it from somewhere, and after
clicking on the user agreement, it promptly refused to install but shut
itself down. 

However, I was able to get a perfect fresh install on two other extra
HDs, one a 2 gig and one a 6 gig, both in a primary drive letter.

So my next 'trick' is I am thinking of using Partition Magic 5 to take
the good install from one of these extra HDs, and move it into a
secondary drive letter on another extra HD. Then that HD would be paired
as the Slave drive unit with my current Master HD, and Partition Magic
would be used to move it to a primary drive letter on the Master HD. I
don't know if it will work, but that is the idea.

But I sure would appreciate if anyone knows how to just 'fix' the Master
HD and get it to take a reinstall, without doing a reformat of the
entire HD, that is. 



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