[24hoursupport] reformatting

  • From: Lene Pagsuguiron <lpagsugu@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 22:05:31 -0800 (PST)


I've gone through Douglas' old email which I had saved and through Mike's 
group, I read Ron's instructions on doing the formatting.

I don't have the original Windows 98SE CD (it was installed when I bought the 
computer), so I copied the Cabs on a CD-R.

My boot disk has the files that Ron said to copy, but when I tested it, I had 
the RAMDrive.  Should I re-do the boot disk?  I had the CD-ROM drivers in it 
already and it loaded them up (or so it said).  

I backed up media and document files on an external drive.  Hopefully they will 
be accessible again after the formatting is done.  I'm sure they will be.  
Hopefully. @_@

I'm a bit iffy on the drivers issue.  When I used the Windows XP Pro to check 
for compatibility, my printer drivers were among the ones that were going to 
have a problem.  I have the CD w/the drivers, though.  I also have the drivers 
CD for other stuff that I use on the computer (Ie, my Sony digital video camera 
and my cable modem)  I don't know what other drivers I'm going to have to look 
for.  Oh yeah, there might also be a problem w/the mouse I'm using.  There are 
no updates for drivers on the Logitech site so I guess I'll have to buy a new 
mouse?  I always wanted those cool cordless optical mice.  ^_~

I haven't proceeded in doing the reformatting yet b/c I wanted to take my time 
and make sure I do it right.  I know that sounds weird to those that do it on a 
regular basis, but I'm just one of those anxious and nervous people with only 
one computer to work with and is shared by 3 people.  LOL.

Lene Pagsuguiron 

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