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  • From: David Matthew Wood <dmwood78@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 10:00:13 -0500


>Does this list have a page w/a compilation of the most asked questions?
>Anyway, I bought a new 80GB 7200RPM External HDD and I've been 
>copying files over to it.  I feel that it is time to clean out my C 
>and upgrade to WinXP Pro.  I plan on formatting by just right 
>clicking on the C and "Format".

Windows will not let you do this, since it is running on that 
partition.  You have to do it in DOS, or with the XP installer (since 
you want to install XP).

>What do I do next?  A year or two ago, I copied my Windows/Cabs 
>folder b/c someone told me I could use those files to restore Win98.

If you have the original CDs, you don't need to keep the Cabs 
directory.  It usually contains drivers and the Windows setup files 
if you copied them over.

>I also have Partition Magic, but I haven't installed it b/c I wasn't 
>sure if I wanted dual boot.

Since you say you are reformatting anyway, just set up the partitions 
as you like them using the utility that comes with Windows XP.

>I have a few system disks, but for some reason, they are all 
>different.  If I try to format a floppy and "copy system files", 
>there are only about 2 or so files on it.  Some of my older ones 
>have lots of files like FDisk, etc.
>I just don't want to mess anything up b/c this computer is always 
>being used.  Thanks!

First, lets make it simple and see if we even need to use the boot 
floppies in the first place.  Most likely, you can just boot from the 
Windows setup CD.  You might have to go into bios setup and tell it 
you want the cd rom drive as the first boot device however.

>Lene Pagsuguiron
>msanthropickat v4.0

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